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  1. Brooktrout26

    Sons late rifle bull.

    well done.
  2. Brooktrout26


    Quick question I was thinking about and didn't really know the answer: Will deer in the Central part of the state frequent a frozen water source during the winter or do they search out standing water?
  3. Brooktrout26

    Muzzy Bull

    Got it done last Fri afternoon on this bull. Made for a late night of packing. Small 5x5. Not the biggest on the mountain, but I'm pleased. Barnes 250 grain T-EZ and 100 grains of Triple 7.
  4. Brooktrout26

    Father son double

    well done!
  5. Brooktrout26

    My 2018 October Coues

    well done
  6. Brooktrout26

    Unit 36C

    Camp near the border patrol or stay in Tucson as another option
  7. Brooktrout26

    Ocotillo as cover?

    they love them. Cover, shade, etc. All times of the day.
  8. Brooktrout26

    4B Archery Bull success! ...and a miracle

    well done. not sure about the schnapps though haha
  9. Brooktrout26

    2A - trophy unit?

    well done
  10. Brooktrout26

    My boy's Muzzle loader Antelope

    love the lopes!
  11. Brooktrout26

    Guys heres is my bull..

    well done
  12. Brooktrout26

    2018 AZ Pronghorn

    well done
  13. Brooktrout26

    glassing equipment recommendations.

    i have Zeiss 15x56 on a tripod and carry Leupold Mojaves 10x50's around my neck. I really like the combo.
  14. Brooktrout26

    New Tripod Setup

    I had the option on the leg locks. I like the clips as thats what i' used to, but i could see how the twist version might have some advantages.
  15. Brooktrout26

    New Tripod Setup

    About 3.4 lbs total. Yes, thats my man bag. Its glove leather so it makes it okay.