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  1. Brooktrout26

    Unit 4a looking for any info/ Archery Elk

    I'll be in 4a too. Good luck to you.
  2. Brooktrout26

    New to 6a

    like G_E_E said, TONS of elk in the south part too, better glassing as well.
  3. Brooktrout26

    17' Jumping Jack Trailer/Camper

    this is a good deal!
  4. Brooktrout26

    Hunting in the whetstones

    LOTS of glassing room. Low flats to mid range to higher elevation at the top. You should've have a problem.
  5. Brooktrout26

    2019 Coues hunt

    well done
  6. Brooktrout26

    Put it all together

  7. Brooktrout26

    Biggest Coues Shed

    sweet, kill that beast!
  8. Brooktrout26

    I-8 dead antelope?

    There is a pocket of lopes that hang out North of Dateland. I've seen pics pretty recently.
  9. Brooktrout26

    Binoculars 10 x42 or 10 x 50

    It could be me, but doesn't seem like 10x50's get alot of praise around here, but honestly prefer them around my neck. The exception might be if you are tromping around the woods alot not looking further than a 150 yards. I'm not an expert though. That said, i would likely trade my Leupold Mojave 10X50's for Doug's 10X42 Swaro's....
  10. Brooktrout26

    Water in 36A

    windmills are managed by ranchers. Dirt tanks seem to attract more whitetails in my opinion. Those tanks are usually filled more by those really heavy rains...the types that cause those "gusher" type floods in the washes that fill them and they can remain filled for months. Funny thing is one dirt tank could be filled by a single storm whereas maybe a 1/2 mile over a similar tank will remain dry, its just how it works down there during the monsoon season. One side of a valley could get 9" of rain during the monsoon while a few miles over they might only get 4".
  11. Brooktrout26

    Checking In

    one of my favorite hunts. Glass early and late and sit at water (or near water) 10am to 4pm.
  12. Brooktrout26

    First time hunting in AZ - unit 33

    A good resource would be the jay scott outdoor podcast on hunting and glassing tactics. Never a bad idea to get well off the road, but sometimes you don't have to if you employ patience and a good glassing practice. Great time to be in AZ that time of the year, but as everyones mentioned it could be warm and it could be nasty cold, you never know. I would say 65 for the high and 28 for the low but that could be 10-15 degrees in any direction.
  13. Brooktrout26

    4A Archery Bull - show me your pics

    i've got that archery 4a bull tag too. excited!