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  1. Brooktrout26

    4A Archery Bull - show me your pics

    i've got that archery 4a bull tag too. excited!
  2. Brooktrout26

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    well deserved
  3. Brooktrout26

    A little freaked out today

    this is cool
  4. Brooktrout26

    Turned over to Rio Salado Vizsla.

    sorry that happened with your daughter. Had a similar experience w/ our female GSP and ended up taking her to a pointer rescue in Temecula, Ca.
  5. Brooktrout26


    I can meet you at Archery Headquarters this AM or around lunch if you want.
  6. Brooktrout26

    Senior trip to Mx

    this is awesome
  7. Brooktrout26

    Desert Muzzy Buck

    this is awesome. congrats!
  8. Brooktrout26

    Daughters 1st archery buck

    awesome job
  9. Brooktrout26

    First Archery Muley

    well done and nice shot
  10. Brooktrout26

    My 2018 Hunting wrap up

  11. Brooktrout26

    Love hunting in the snow...

  12. Brooktrout26

    Hunting Report ?

    In 36B the last few days I saw alot of bucks grouped up. Some minor sparring. Thats about it.
  13. Brooktrout26

    Late Hunt - Rutting???

    my guess is you might start seeing rutting action right about now but likely wont pickup till that period after Christmas. I've seen bucks rutting down on the border in 36b as late as mid Feb. Good luck it should be awesome.
  14. Brooktrout26

    Sons late rifle bull.

    well done.