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  1. Brooktrout26

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    great buck, heavy!
  2. Brooktrout26

    Last day success

    well done guys!
  3. Brooktrout26

    Couse Success!

    nice bucks, congrats
  4. Brooktrout26

    My dads buck

    sweet buck!
  5. Brooktrout26

    11 years in the making.

    well done!
  6. Brooktrout26

    Rotomold Coolers

    I have a 95 yeti and 45 pelican. Both work great, pelican cheaper but heavier by alot. Its the 1st gen model. For the price, pelican, canyon or rtic but honestly the yeti is still the best. I wish I could say otherwise.
  7. Brooktrout26

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    more muzzleloader hunts and fewer rifle hunts for later season whitetail and elk.
  8. Brooktrout26

    Big Coues Buck Hit! Need help....

    good luck man
  9. Brooktrout26

    Luck: when preparation meets opportunity.

    sweet buck. nice shot too
  10. stay on it, good luck
  11. Brooktrout26

    Uno mas for my "Lucky Kids"!

    cool buck!
  12. Brooktrout26

    Elk hunting with Lee Marvin

    very cool. Gotta love the gut pile too...not all field pics need to be staged like they do these days.
  13. Brooktrout26

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    great choice!
  14. Brooktrout26

    Unbelievable 2019 Late Bull Hunts

    cool story!
  15. Brooktrout26

    22 south muzzleloader elk

    nice story, great work