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  1. AzHunter_15

    Nitto trail grapplers

    Sold 👍🏼
  2. AzHunter_15

    Nitto trail grapplers

    Tires only.
  3. AzHunter_15

    Nitto trail grapplers

    35x12.50x20 Mud terrain Looking to sell all 4 while still on truck before I get new tires. 700$ for all 4. About 25-30% tread left.
  4. AzHunter_15

    Vortex tripod

  5. AzHunter_15

    Vortex tripod

    Used this tripod for 1 season. Like it a is light but upgraded. Good beginner tripod. Vortex high country. Comes with 2 detachable heads. 60$ obo
  6. AzHunter_15

    First archery coues

    Well our 2020 season was over quick but couldn’t be happier! Pops gotta cool lookin buck this morning! Saw some Gould’s On the way back into the truck! What beautiful birds.
  7. Have always really wanted to take a coues deer with a bow and in velvet. And while I’ve never been able to hunt the early hunt due to baseball, this year was canceled so figured I’d give it a go. Had multiple bucks on camera that were decent. Just wanted a branch antlered coues would be good with me. More than happy with this buck and best of luck to the rest of the hunters out there. Also glasses up a couple mature bucks Beating the heck out of one another. That was pretty cool to see. Cheers to a good start of the 2020 hunting season IMG_2424.MOV
  8. AzHunter_15

    Unit 1 archery

    Anyone have or know of anyone that has a unit 1 early archery tag? Send pm
  9. AzHunter_15

    Kuiu talus hybrid pants

    Brand new. Still in plastic. Size 36. Pattern is verde 2.0. Asking 180&
  10. AzHunter_15

    Need hunting money

    With the current status of Americans really needing to while their asses lately and me not drawing an elk tag I’m looking to sell my last roll of toilet paper I have in my house for 100$. It is the finest 2 ply you will find on the market. Thanks for helping your fellow hunter.
  11. AzHunter_15

    Daughters first desert muley

    That’s a darn good first buck! Congrats
  12. AzHunter_15

    Opening day success

    Beautiful deer! Congrats on your 2019 buck
  13. AzHunter_15

    Double opening day success

    Headed down Wednesday for the hunt. Messed around on Wednesday shootin some ducks off ponds and looking for new terrain for my dads buddy coming down to hunt with us. Unfortunately he called and was not going to be able to make it due to work opening morning so pops and I really were going to push hard to get our bucks opening morning so that we could take him in with us where we knew there was deer. Thursday morning we went in to where we knew there were some deer and some pretty decent bucks and found them after a little bit of glassing. About 35 mph winds didn’t make it easy to glass so we couldn’t quite tell how big the bucks were we just knew there were some shooters. Friday morning rolls around and we get to the top off the hill we were gonna glass off where we had left the deer Thursday night. Found them about 8 o’clock about a mile from the previous night. Dropped down into the flat and head to a point we knew we were going to Been within a couple hundred yards of the herd. Got to where we could see them through the trees about 150 yards and got set up for a shot through a little gap. We knew one of the nicer bucks was in there for sure. I was set up watching does cross through this opening waiting for him to walk by when I hear my dad say “your buck just came out 25 yard to the left”. (He looked bigger through the spotter so wanted I target him we just did not think he was in the group from Wednesday). So I swung around put the crosshairs on him and pulled the trigger at 118 yards. He hunched up and did some spins then went down so I pulled out my binos to find the other bucks for my dad. He ran about 100 yards and turned back. Ranged him at 219 and BOOM! Pops makes a good shot and he falls. What a thrill!!!We gave them some time then walked up on our 2019 bucks. Still haven’t put a tape on them yet but it turns out the one I wanted might have been a little smaller than my dad but we will see. Bob(dads buddy) pulls in to camp just in time to make the evening hunt. We get out and spot the deer pretty far out with not much daylight left so we decide to pull out and come back in the morning. Saturday morning get to the same hillside to glass out as Friday morning and we find them again. This time we see some about 2000 yards out and as we’re watching them a group of 3 does and 2 younger bucks come running about 100 yards to the right of us straight up the mountain. We get set up for a shot and bob makes a great 101 yard shot and drops the deer in his tracks. It was hit first deer ever and what a thrill to be there with him! spent the rest of the day getting some more quail and ducks but all around it was a great hunt and great memories I’ll cherish forever. Best of luck to the rest of the 2019 hunters out there! Anyone ever seen an elk in unit 31 down in the desert? Found this shed near a pond along with this 4 1/2 foot rattler that’ll fry up good for some nuggets!!
  14. AzHunter_15

    Proud son of my 91 yr old father.

    That is awesome! Congrats to you guys
  15. AzHunter_15

    Spotting scope

    Wondering if anyone is selling a vortex 27-60-85 razor! Looking to purchase within the next few days! Thanks