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    Avid outdoorsman. Baseball player.

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  1. AzHunter_15

    22 Mag Ammo(SOLD)

    Pm sent
  2. AzHunter_15

    270 Winchester PowerPoint Ammo--Price Drop

    Pm sent
  3. AzHunter_15

    300 wby ammo- obo

  4. AzHunter_15

    300 wby ammo- obo

  5. AzHunter_15

    300 wby ammo- obo

    1 full box of rem 190 grain 50$ 52 shells 180 grain partition 170$ Located in chandler. Don’t have any use looking to get what was paid for them. Make an offer
  6. AzHunter_15

    First set of the year

    First set of the year! Gotta love when they don’t make you work hard to find both! Found 5 bulls, 3 were still packin headgear and the other 2 were not. One of them had about 5 inch bases starting to branch already. Great days ahead.
  7. AzHunter_15

    Traditional bow hunting

    Good to know didn’t even know there was a difference! Thanks
  8. AzHunter_15

    Traditional bow hunting

    Always up for a new challenge and was thinking about maybe picking up a traditional bow and giving it a shot and hunting with it if I can get it dial in. Any thoughts on where to start , or a good starter bow? Thanks anything helps as I have never even touched a traditional.
  9. AzHunter_15

    243 and 7 mm rem mag Ammo for sale

    Pm me
  10. AzHunter_15

    243 and 7 mm rem mag Ammo for sale

    7mm spf 243 still avaliable
  11. AzHunter_15

    243 and 7 mm rem mag Ammo for sale

    Located in chandler!
  12. One box of 243 (only 15 cartridges) 95 grain fusion. $20 2 full boxes of 7 mm 155 grain rem mag federal premium. 120$
  13. AzHunter_15

    Decent Coues

    Not a super small male but smaller than the one that got it.
  14. AzHunter_15

    Decent Coues

    Been finding lion kills in there for a long time. Last year found a dead lion that had been killed by another lion.
  15. AzHunter_15

    Decent Coues

    Found some old decent coues. Still no elk horns.. any guys having luck out there? Excited to see the pics guys have if what they find this year.