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    Bucks for the wife and I

    Thanks Jim i always remember going with my dad and it being the best thing and you for always helping me out to from getting me hooked shed hunting to helping me kill and pack out my first buck!
  2. My wife and I both drew October coues tags and couldn’t be more excited. I decided i was gonna try to scout as much as possible I would take my little boys out with me as much as possible and they sure loved it one day we even glassed up a nice bear and they were able to see it. Opening day finally rolled around at the wind was terrible we got to a glassing point and after not finding any deer in the bowl we decided to back out a little bit and sat above a cow drinker as it was the only water near by. As i set my tripod up and start glassing my wife tells me hey here comes deer. I look over and see it’s a mule deer and 2 fawns, i go back to glassing and about 20 seconds later she says hey another deer it was the smallest spike i had ever seen at 200 yards i could barely make out nubs. He kept looking over his back and i knew more deer must be coming in . After probably 2 minutes or so another spike and a little buck comes in I tell her grab the rifle well she already had it and was starting to get set up. We watched him drink for a few minutes then they started to head out well he stopped and was looking up other hill and i told her go ahead and shoot. She center punched that buck he took one big leap and when he hit the ground that was it. I was so pumped for her to get her first buck. The next morning we went out and couldn’t turn anything up. My mother in law had to go back home Sunday morning and my Wife had to go back to being mom so i decided to throw my bedroll in the jeep and go try a spot by myself for a day and a half after getting up there i ran into way more people then i thought there would be there all summer no one was there but coming hunting time it was packed. I still gave it heck the 2 days i was there, i could only turn up small bucks and decided to go back to town to try a new spot. I called a buddy and we went out Monday to try another area. We turned up several small bucks but still nothing i wanted, as the day went on i really thought about settling for a smaller buck but just couldn’t get myself to do it. Well it was about 430 and we were headed back we stopped and glassed one last spot, as i get my tripod set up i focused my glasses and had a nice buck in my sight picture after about 10 seconds i decided he was what i was looking for. I dialed the 260 up to 450 yards get steady and squeeze one off. It was a hit but i couldn’t tell how good i grabbed my pack and rifle and headed across the canyon to look for blood, well i get over there and couldn’t find blood my buddy walked me into the last spot we seen him still no blood as i set my pack down to look a little better i look down about 30 yards and see the buck jump out of his bed he ran across a little draw and i hit him again on the run. I watched him crash into a tree and hear him death moan. I give him like 15 minutes and walk over right as it was getting dark. Well i walked to the trees i seen him crash into no blood no buck i really start to second guess myself. I then pull a really bone head move and set my stuff down to make some circles. Well it got so dark so quick that i couldn’t find my stuff. I walk back to my buddy and we decided to just come back in the morning would be the best idea. We got back the next morning i find my stuff right away and start to circle. I find a huge blood trail and it takes me to my buck well the trees he went into was less then 20 yards from where i dropped my stuff. Thanks for reading and if someone could help me turn the pictures I’d appreciate it I’m not sure what i did wrong!
  3. My dad and I were able to get out for a few days last weekend. After starting off with a couple missed shots by my dad on Friday morning then not being able to keep an eye on a couple bucks we were able to glass up Friday afternoon. We headed to a different area Saturday saw lots of deer but no bucks. Sunday morning we hunted around camp i glasses up a bachelor herd of 7 bucks. We made a plan and started the climb up the mountain. My dad said since i found the deer i could get first shot so we split up thinking the bucks would go over the top after the shot. So i snuck into place when i got over there i couldn’t find the deer thinking i had gone to low. As i was getting ready to grab my stuff to back out and go higher a spike steps out so i stay put and get ready. After 4 spikes and forkies step out my buck presents himself and i shot. I watch him go down the deer stay put i call my dad and tell him to get over the top right away there’s a bigger buck! After what seemed like a hour but more like 5 minutes his buck was getting ready to top over. My dad tops the ridge and shoots his buck at 200 yards! It was awesome watching both bucks drop within 50 yards of each other!
  4. kolby92

    .243 Coues load

    The passed couple years i have been using 85 grain Speer soft point boat tails with imr4350 has killed 2 antelope and 2 coues
  5. I shot my buck at 330 yards last year 250 yards above our camp last year we had a fire that night then warmed up some burros and drank coffee before we left for the morning hunt!
  6. kolby92

    Favorite dead head

    The head on the left my best dead head made for a nice tattoo i think