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  1. Fullbags15

    Brandon's Taxidermy

    4151 W. Whitton Ave Phoenix 85019
  2. Fullbags15

    Free to good home

    Is this pack gone??
  3. Fullbags15

    Brandon's Taxidermy

    I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.
  4. Fullbags15

    Brandon's Taxidermy

    Thanks Toby. I appreciate your response.
  5. Fullbags15

    Brandon's Taxidermy

    Anyone have any experience with Brandon's Taxidermy in Phoenix??
  6. Fullbags15

    Javelina Taxidermy

    Anyone have any first hand knowledge of Brandon's Taxidermy in Phoenix? Dropped off my javelina (full body mount) a year ago last January. Was told it would be ready in 10-12 months. It is now 15 months and counting. Is this normal for this to take so long? Have sent text message requesting ETA. I get the same response...'will get back to you with an ETA'... Thoughts??
  7. Fullbags15


    Definitely interested. Please let me know date and time. Thank you.