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  1. JColony

    Tagged out

    Stud buck!!!!! Congrats on a great hunt!
  2. JColony

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    Awesome story!! Thanks for sharing. I know this is a little bit of an older post, but I was fortunate to draw the 1/1 - 6/10 Bull tag for this Spring. Hearing that you did it DIY w/o the Co-op is good to hear. I am more of a DIY/Solo kinda guy. But... for the price of the tag, I was willing to look into any avenue.
  3. JColony

    Got her done.

    Nice Buck!!!
  4. JColony

    1st AZ tag

    Well, I got it done! Opening day around 3pm we spotted this guy across the canyon. Super pleased with my first AZ Coues Deer. I'm no pro, but per my calculation, he was 88 1/8"
  5. JColony

    My wife’s 2018 bull bison hunt video

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but the ccard just got hit for $1100! I thought I was excited before I watched it! Any hints/tips you could share with a rookie Bison hunter??
  6. JColony

    Lets talk Loyalty Points!

    I locked in that Hunter Ed point before I bought my first license! Thanks for all the info!
  7. JColony

    Lets talk Loyalty Points!

    Ok, I have now been in AZ long enough that I will be putting my 5th application in next year. My question is this. Does the loyalty point get added for my 5th app or does it not apply until the 6th app? I know you get it after 5 years applying, but can't find info on AZGFD site saying when it actually gets added. Thanks!!
  8. JColony

    2019 Muzzy bull

    Congrats!!!! Awesome bull!
  9. JColony

    Boots need new soles

    Thanks for the tips guys! I'll check em out!
  10. JColony

    Boots need new soles

    Ok, hoping for some help here. My boots are in dire need of new soles. Does anyone have any first hand experience with getting boots fixed around here?? Preferably in the general east valley area. Thanks!!
  11. Unit 9 Az. This is my second tag in 40 years of application. Got out today saw two good bucks!

    1. JColony


      So, with 4 points ill draw next year.  🤣


  12. JColony

    Which weapon would you choose?

    Split the difference. Muzzy w/ open sights:) Longer range than bow, much shorter than rifle. I use to hunt exclusively w/ my TC Blackdiamond up in Washington, loved every minute of it. Similar stresses as bow, just get a little more range out of the smoke pole.
  13. JColony

    Unit 9 rifle antelope help

    Good luck!! Antelope is a bucket list hunt of mine. Unit 9 in AZ??