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  1. That was fun to watch, nice job, and congrats on the success.
  2. Camo

    Meopta MeoStar 15x56HD

    Another out-of-state add because you all use these more than most. Meopta MeoStar B1.1 15x56HD. This is the current model with locking diopter. Excellent condition, glass is perfect. Purchased new this summer, used for one week long hunt and a couple scouting trips. Includes all original packaging, case, strap, and Outdoorsman's Stud, as seen in pics with the registered warranty. Super nice glass for the $$$. $1200 TYD, which includes PayPal fee and shipping insurance from Washington. Sorry for sideways pics, happy to chat if you PM me a number, thanks for looking.
  3. Camo

    Jr Hunts are a blast

    Super cool. congrats to the both of you.
  4. Just getting back from a recent failed attempt at filling a late mule deer permit for my dad here locally. ZekeB, that's some pretty country. Setcam, thanks for the heads-up. Redman- Happy to help if I can? I'm assuming you have looked into WA and found it to be very unfriendly to NR as far as opportunity and fees. Not to mention arguably the highest population per huntable square mile of the western states with the lowest animal populations. What are you interested in, hopefully fishing?
  5. I can see where being an archery junkie could be very advantageous at the moment? You've got my attention. Truth be told, I am a junkie of opportunity, therefore, I hunt all three weapon choices as it offers the most opportunity in my "very questionable on many levels" home state. Spending most of my time out of state in recent years has consisted mostly of archery elk and rifle whitetail or mule deer pending state.
  6. I figured it was better for quantity but definitely did not expect 10x. I will definitely do that, greatly appreciated. Battling with 33 as a first choice when I have a point with 34/35 as a second, or if I'm better off just learning one unit that I can continuously hunt. Leaning towards the later. Hoping to make the most out of a January scouting trip.
  7. That's what I was concerned about, thanks for the response.
  8. Thanks for the responses. SWcruiser, I don't know what I am looking for yet. Having never been there I have no idea what I'm in for. Just looking for an adventure with the highest possible odds at a respective specimen for the hunt. I enjoy spending time behind glass and look forward to learning how to do it properly, in new to me country. I hunt my home state, spend a fair bit of time in Idaho, some Montana and Wyoming. I have the backpacking gear and a quad if necessary(though prefer not to tow it down). I don't fall into the demographic of the modern day "mountain athlete" by any stretch, so 3-5 miles depending on terrain is a realistic limit as I enjoy the pursuit much more than the suck. My goal is to find a hunt to do most every year without the uncertainty of trying to get leftover tags. I have learned the value of the loyalty point which I am 4 years out on, and will be figuring out the logistics to get the education point going forward. Running solo, I am moderately concerned about camping in the 35's, though it sounds like things are better now than in previous years. 36's, though seemingly great units are off my radar. Pretty much exploring every option that closely guarantees me a tag. I admit, not having been there, I am easily swayed by information from Jay Scott, Duwane Adams, this forum as well a couple others less in tune with this topic. I made a big mistake in the previous draw not paying attention to the AZGFD draw analytics and relying on the generic published draw odds. It cost me having a rifle tag of some sort this season. I hope everyone is having a great season and hunting instead of reading this.
  9. I heard there has been a significant reduction of access into 32 from both the east and west side in recent years. Anyone willing to confirm or deny? Re-planning my 2020 bow scout and draw strategy, OnX is awesome but is no substitute for being there. Sorry for the multiple NR questions. thanks for any thoughts.
  10. Initially I was focusing on units 21, 22, 23. After not drawing an early season 23 tag and now realizing I didn't draw a January javelina tag, I'm re-assessing my options. It appears that the southern units offer a lot more tags/pressure but that might be relative to deer abundance? All things being equal, should I re-direct my attention to the southern/border units? With the logistics I'm working with, I initially ruled out the additional 3+ hours to go south. On the other hand, I'm driving that far, what's another 3 hours? My intention is to be somewhere in January to bow scout in the hopes that I can draw a future rifle tag. Thanks for any thoughts.
  11. Camo

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Please add Quagmire to the good list. Good to talk with and smooth transaction.
  12. Camo

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56HD **SOLD**

    Sold, thanks for everyone's interest.
  13. Camo

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56HD **SOLD**

    Thanks for the heads up, actually posted it there this morning.
  14. Camo

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56HD **SOLD**

    To top for upcoming season.