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  1. RimCountry350

    WTB Hoyt Helix - RH, 27" / 60-70LB

    Looking to upgrade: Right Hand Hoyt Helix, #2 or #3 ZTPro cams would work (I'm a 27" DL), 60-70 lb. Can be bare bow, don't necessarily need any accessories, just looking to upgrade from my current setup.
  2. RimCountry350

    2018 Hoyt RX-1 Verde 29” Draw 70lb **Like New**

  3. RimCountry350

    Best Hunting Multi-Pin Sight?

    Very helpful guys, its much appreciated!
  4. Been out of archery for several years and finally getting the bow dusted off my Hoyt Vector (60 lb) but looking for a new multi-pin sight for an upcoming hunt this fall. There is a lot out there by the big names: Apex, IQ, Trophy Ridge, Black Gold etc. Any recommendations? Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated.
  5. RimCountry350

    Bull Elk hunt in November unit 3a & 3c - need ideas

    What a great read...this string made my Friday LOL!
  6. RimCountry350

    Post up your success in tags

    22 Early Archery
  7. RimCountry350

    Bonus points updated on my portal. Getting close.

    The busy signal of 2020...oh how things have changed yet stayed exactly the same LOL 😄
  8. RimCountry350

    Bonus points updated on my portal. Getting close.

    Probably best to call like the ol' fashion way LOL!
  9. RimCountry350

    Credit Card Hit

    Results are posted
  10. RimCountry350

    Bonus points updated on my portal. Getting close.

    Results are on the portal. Early Archery Bull here i come!
  11. RimCountry350

    Results posted????

    Results should be posted any day now...
  12. RimCountry350

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    It would be really interesting to find out how many tags were awarded by group applications by hunt vs. single applicant. Antelope is hard for me...I've known guys that pull tags with 3-5 BPs, or draw multiple tags within a few years. I was talking with a buddy and he mentioned the idea of making the Rifle antelope like a Sheep hunt (1 per lifetime) but keep archery the same, you could put in for archery every year...personally I haven't thought through it all but at the surface I can't say I disagree. I've got 18 BPs and counting for antelope and have never drawn a tag and I've got friends and family that have 23+ BPs and have never drawn antelope either.
  13. RimCountry350

    Results posted????

    Last year results were posted about a week after cards were hit...so I'm guessing Thursday or Friday this week.
  14. RimCountry350

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    Yeah I don’t get it...buddy next to me drew the 5A antelope hunt (7 tags) twice in a row with 10 BPs. Got drawn, turned the tag in and got drawn the next year...it’s been 9 years since my last bull tag. Some people’s luck...
  15. RimCountry350

    Credit Card Hit

    It's been 9 years since my last bull tag - been waiting patiently. Either drew early 23 or early 22...I'm guessing 22 just by the odds.