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  1. RimCountry350

    Updated 12/2/19 -- A Few Good Kaibab Bucks

    The Kaibab never dissapoints...great bucks! I had the 12AW Early tag and passed by Duwane's camp. Never saw anything remotely as big as those but I guess that's what happens when you've been hunting that area as long as he has 🙂!
  2. RimCountry350

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Hit @ 7:42...Kiabab here I come!!!
  3. RimCountry350

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Just Updated my CC Info and praying for a Kiabab...they'll start hitting at 7:50am on Friday...lets do this!
  4. RimCountry350

    Buck behavior???

    Rut happens during December/January so were definitely out of the rut and soon they'll be dropping their antlers. During this time of the season it's not strange to see bucks and doe together in herds. But during the rut season, the only time you'll really see more than 1 big buck in the herd, you will probably see some fighting going on for dominance. They won't hang out together. That isn't to say you couldn't find a dominant buck with doe and have some forkers mixed in the herd. Not sure if this helps but just from my experience.
  5. RimCountry350

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?

    Oh heck, I would be so stoked with either one!! Not saying I don't like one or the other, it was just more of a question I had. 13 has a reputation to everyone looking for a huge toad out West but 12B doesn't get talked about all that much, so again just curious is all...I know I'm just dreaming...I've got a snow-ball's chance in heck to draw one of those LOL!
  6. RimCountry350

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?

    I'm not even close to the max, so I know it's a total crap shoot (FYI - I've got 10 BPs for deer). I've just always been curious about the differences between the hunts and what others opinions are. My understanding is similar to what 6AYoteHunter said above...13A/B has big bucks (age and class) but the number of big deer is limited (basically, unless you live up there and know the areas and deer really well, it's super hard to get a 180" + toad down and your best bet is to hire a guide if that's what your after). In 12B you have access to more deer but overall the class of deer are hit/miss and dependent upon the migration but you could definitely find 160" + bucks. Toads can be pulled out but just not as predictable...again just what my thoughts have been.
  7. RimCountry350

    CC Hit

    Nice!! Any idea what tag you might have pulled?
  8. RimCountry350

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?

    Only if everyone else thought that...open up the odds a bit!
  9. It doesn't look like I'm going on an Elk or Antelope hunt this year so switching my hopes to deer season! I've been hunting Kiabab for almost 15 + years (mainly 12B West and 12A) and wanted to get some thoughts on rifle hunts for 13a/b vs. 12b late. If you had your pick, which one would it be and why? And yes I know 13a/b are the infamous "Strip" hunt 🙂 13a/b rifle (50 & 80 tags last year) vs 12b late rifle (20 tags last year). I have my own thoughts but wanted to get thoughts from others that might have hunted both units before.
  10. RimCountry350

    Pronghorn Hits?

    Wow!! Here is the REAL depressing part...he drew the same tag last year but had to surrender it because of a conflict...2 years in a row...I need to get in touch with whomever he knows 😛
  11. RimCountry350

    CC Hit

    Still checking my card...still no hits but holding on to a tiny shred of hope!!!!
  12. RimCountry350

    Pronghorn Hits?

    RTaylor...how many BP do you have? Last year numbers shows you probably in the 15+ you've got good %. The max points last year was 27...I hope it doesn't take me that long to draw LOL! I went in all in on 5a (7 tags) with 15 BP for antelope and nothing for me...only crickets! A guy I work with in the cubical next to me drew 1 of the 7 5a tags with 11 BP...that was depressing!
  13. RimCountry350

    I was fooled

    That's too bad, sorry to hear! I started checking since Friday, each time I'd login to my account with hope and excitement...only to be depressed to not see a charge. Went in with 9 Elk BP & 15 Antelope BP...crickets this year! Here's to the Deer draw in a few months and next year's Elk/Antelope opportunity!