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  1. cmille308

    Wounding bulls

    There are a lot of guys , rifle and archery, that choose great ethics all the time. We can’t let the few guys with no ethics ruin it for everyone. This topic seems to be dividing everyone when we should be standing together and teaching our ethics to the newer hunters and those who are not displaying any ethics.
  2. cmille308

    Yuma biologist

    Azgfd biologist Mark Brown has retired (congratulations Mark), and as of yet has not been replaced. I would like to get in contact with Mark and was wondering if anyone has his contact info. Thanks!
  3. cmille308


    I know I am in for a heck of a hike but would also like to hear from others as to their experience, what worked, what you would have done different, anything you wish you would have done, anything like that would be greatly appreciated!
  4. cmille308


    I did... I’m still in shock.
  5. cmille308


    Anyone on hear spend any time in 46AW? I would love to hear ANY details about the unit. Thanks 🙏!
  6. cmille308

    sheep horn growth this year

    I thought it would be obviously funny. That’s an awesome find! I found an old lion or winter kill in Idaho a few years ago, had it pinned by game and fish and have it on a book shelf in the house.
  7. cmille308

    sheep horn growth this year

    Couldn’t resist
  8. cmille308

    sheep horn growth this year

    Anyone pick up some good bighorn sheds this year?
  9. cmille308


    Spot- i will absolutely check out the story! Now the wait begins to find out exactly where I'm goin. To be fair- It COULD have been my 11 yr old son who drew. I would be surprised (pleasantly) but I did put him in on the same card. Not for the same units, I put him in for much easier units for him. Not that ANY sheep hunt is easy. 1uglydude- Congrats to your friend! If it was me who drew the tag, and we're in the same general area I'll PM you my info and where were going to be in case he needs anything.
  10. cmille308


    I got hit for a sheep tag either in 46BE or 46AW. Any advice, tips, info about the area and rams there, would be greatly appreciated!