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  1. cmille308


    Don't get me wrong, I have an EXTREME dislike of how they are handling the "reintroduction" of wolves in the lower states. I have seen first hand how it has decimated the elk population in Idaho and are beginning to in Oregon and I am honestly terrified at the prospect of that happening to Arizona. I am hoping that enough people become educated to the antics being used to "repopulate" that arizona doesn't become another Idaho. I completely agree with you, there is NO need for any reintroductions of ANY kind!
  2. cmille308


    Well, if the REAL mexican greys can't proliferate quick enough, they can always try the timber wolf, and if that one doesn't take, the canadian! OR bring in the timber and maybe He'll wipe out the native mexican group and then they can tell everyone that IT is actually the native species....ooops that IS what is going on. Maybe I should be more careful with what I say... the draw is coming up next month. lol (I really don't think THAT conspiracy theory)
  3. cmille308


    Another fun fact: the Timber wolves were the original "native species", when reintroduced the population did not take off like they were hoping. So... bring in the much bigger and more aggressive Canadian that was never down here in the first place and then tell everyone how well the program is going. Great plan!
  4. cmille308

    My Desert Sheep Hunt

    Gorgeous looking ram! He looks really even on both sides!
  5. cmille308

    Broken bull

    Good Looking bulls Terry! When you get a chance, check out the 46AW thread in Bighorn sheep.
  6. cmille308

    Desert Bighorn to end amazing yrs

    I have been looking forward to seeing the pics! Awesome job!
  7. cmille308


    I took him in the Granites which made it even tougher and more rewarding!
  8. cmille308


    The road systems going into the Cabeza Prieta from the north were pretty nasty for a while but hopefully it didn’t booger up any of the hunts down there!
  9. cmille308


    After an all out adventure of getting stuck, hiking miles and I mean miles everyday into the wilderness area, calling in a group of drug smugglers, running face to face into another group of illegals, watching fighter jets dog fight right above us, we came up with a good ram that checked all the boxes, most of all that everyone in the group was able to be involved. Physically brutal hunt but an awesome hunt! He green scored 165 6/8 at AZGFD and they put him at 8 1/2 yrs.
  10. cmille308


    there has been quite a bit of rainfall throughout the state this week! With the cooler temps and rainfall hopefully the sheep will be up and feeding throughout the day! Good luck everyone! Can't wait to see some pics!
  11. cmille308

    What am I?

  12. cmille308

    Wounding bulls

    There are a lot of guys , rifle and archery, that choose great ethics all the time. We can’t let the few guys with no ethics ruin it for everyone. This topic seems to be dividing everyone when we should be standing together and teaching our ethics to the newer hunters and those who are not displaying any ethics.
  13. cmille308

    Yuma biologist

    Azgfd biologist Mark Brown has retired (congratulations Mark), and as of yet has not been replaced. I would like to get in contact with Mark and was wondering if anyone has his contact info. Thanks!
  14. cmille308


    I know I am in for a heck of a hike but would also like to hear from others as to their experience, what worked, what you would have done different, anything you wish you would have done, anything like that would be greatly appreciated!
  15. cmille308


    I did... I’m still in shock.