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    Here is a 4 group shot out of the gun
  2. Bugln1n


    Weekend bump
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  4. Bugln1n


    Yes gentlemen I purchased it threw is 75 years old bought it last year said he shot it to sight it in and that’s it’s sat in his safe since then I don’t even know if it’s had 20 down the barrel just assuming cause he didn’t have a partial box of ammo. Sat in my safe since then haven’t had the time to go out and shoot it
  5. Bugln1n


    I can put a scope ok it and shoot a group just decided to go with a 300prc instead
  6. Bugln1n


    Brand new savage model 110 ultra light rifle has only had 20 rounds down the barrel to sight the gun in decided to go a different route all you need is a scope for this gun asking $1400obo for the Gun saving someone the taxes on the gun . Also have 6 boxes of 175gr nosler ABLR asking $110 a box. located in showlow/lakeside area
  7. Bugln1n


    Rtic coolers for sale Asking 175 for the tan 65 and 150 for the 45 sea foam located in lakeside
  8. Bugln1n

    Reloading powders

    Pm sent
  9. Bugln1n

    Savage Model 24 combo gun in 22mag/20 gauge

    Is this still available
  10. Bugln1n

    Two pounds of H1000 for sale *SOLD*

    Dang ok thanks
  11. Bugln1n

    Two pounds of H1000 for sale *SOLD*

    Where are you located
  12. Bugln1n

    WTB Full Archery Set up

    I have a pse x-force I would sell for 300 fully set up at 70lb and a 28.5”draw located in lakeside though
  13. Bugln1n

    15x56 SLC WB Swarovski- sold

    Bump and price drop