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  1. reg6.5-06AI

    Velvet coues

    Got to love velvet bucks very nice
  2. reg6.5-06AI

    300 Win Mag

    Thanks again elkdown nice doing business with you again
  3. reg6.5-06AI

    300 wsm barreled action

    Thanks for everything
  4. reg6.5-06AI

    Vortex razor 22-48x65 $900

  5. reg6.5-06AI

    Vortex razor 22-48x65 $900

  6. reg6.5-06AI

    Vortex razor 22-48x65 $900

    Buddy of mine wants to sale his spotter only been out a few times like new very clean scope great condition asking $900
  7. reg6.5-06AI

    Zeiss 15x60B Classics

    I have 2 pair of these binos been using a pair since 2000 they are very clear wish I had the funds for another buyer will be very happy
  8. reg6.5-06AI

    30x80 docters

    Sold thank you buckshotaz and good luck this year
  9. reg6.5-06AI

    30x80 docters

    Lol I'll pass
  10. reg6.5-06AI

    30x80 docters

    Used but in great shape lens are clear looking to trade for quality 15s or other long range optics, rifles or let me know what you got please no vortex
  11. reg6.5-06AI

    My first two Coues bucks...

    Great looking buck keep up the good work
  12. reg6.5-06AI

    Nightforce G7 5.5-22x50 Illuminated

    Thanks cliff the scope is everything you said I really appreciate doing business with you
  13. reg6.5-06AI

    135" + coues deadhead

    Great buck awesome find
  14. reg6.5-06AI

    14yr old Daughter makes NT B&C

    Great buck congratulations good to see the younger ones out in the hills
  15. reg6.5-06AI

    Bowtech Patriot For Sale

    Do you know the draw weight and length?