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  1. reg6.5-06AI

    Leupold Vx 3 6.5x20x50

    Been running these scopes for bout 12 years now they are hard to beat great clearly and track very well.
  2. reg6.5-06AI

    Btx with 65mm objective

  3. reg6.5-06AI

    Btx with 65mm objective

    Yes in safford Thanks CatfishKev
  4. reg6.5-06AI

    Btx with 65mm objective

    Bought this setup and it's not for me has the Outdoor vision stay on case I also have the boxes for the btx and the objective. Asking $3000 for the set up Reggie 928-322-3205
  5. reg6.5-06AI

    WTB 260 Ackley Improved dies.

    I just picked up a redding 2 die set from midway about a week ago
  6. reg6.5-06AI

    *For Sale* Zeiss 15x60 B/gat Binos

    I own 2 pair of the Zeiss 15x60B models been using them since 2000 I recently went to the Swarovskis HDs but handed these down to my boys. Amazing glass can not go wrong with them. Awesome all day long and great clarity.
  7. reg6.5-06AI

    Savage .260 Ackley

    It says OBO
  8. reg6.5-06AI

    2 youth tags filled

    Great to see them growing up and still getting out there CONGRATS to them No business I believe I've heard that somewhere lol
  9. reg6.5-06AI

    Savage 260 rem ackley improved

    Love the 260 Ackley I have 2 one on a Remington 700 and one one a savage 110 both are super accurate and deadly if I didnt just build one I would probably be taking this off your hands who ever ends up with this is going to be amazed
  10. reg6.5-06AI

    Put it all together

    Awesome buck Congrats
  11. reg6.5-06AI

    Velvet coues

    Got to love velvet bucks very nice
  12. reg6.5-06AI

    300 Win Mag

    Thanks again elkdown nice doing business with you again
  13. reg6.5-06AI

    300 wsm barreled action

    Thanks for everything
  14. reg6.5-06AI

    Vortex razor 22-48x65 $900

  15. reg6.5-06AI

    Vortex razor 22-48x65 $900