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  1. AZtroutman

    Elk draw "points"

    Actually yes, as a non resident with 8 points you can draw any of those tags.
  2. AZtroutman

    Best unit for 2022 with 23 points resident

    23 all the way. S before N if you're in good shape. 23s took 25 points last year but they added 5 tags this year so that should help. Personal opinion be happy you didn't draw 1 and can now go for 23. However, I don't think 23 points gets you as much as you think. Here's a breakdown of those units last year. 22 didn't draw any of those in the bonus pass and 23 barely did in 1 and 23n. All those guys at 22 with you last year now have 23 like you and those guys with 23 and 24 last year that didnt draw are still there. So good chance 23 won't get you a bonus pass tag this year either. There's 12-20 guys with the same amount points or more going for those hunts. If you're the last one to draw could be a few more years.
  3. AZtroutman

    BIg Game Draw Application mistake

    You can go back after submitting your app and purchase pointguard. Oops didn't see above post.
  4. AZtroutman

    Lion guide in trouble

    Nate dog, do you have a man crush in Mr Fisher? Your latest contributions to the site are you arguing with anyone that says anything about Brian and defending a piece of trash poacher. Are you a fellow A3 poacher? A3 poacher boyfriend? Wannabe A3 poacher? Let me know. As for who I am, I'm a guy that despises poaching and lying taxidermists.
  5. AZtroutman

    Lion guide in trouble

    All thanks to that saint Brian Fisher. Glad he treated you so well 😬
  6. AZtroutman

    Lion guide in trouble

    People like you that give these worthless taxidermists the idea that it's ok to screw people over and not do their job. Easy to be "fair" after your names been blasted all over the internet. I'm gonna guarantee more people agree with yotebuster on this than you so his opinion may mean more than yours in the grand scheme of things.
  7. AZtroutman

    Antis at it again. Lions and Bears.

    Why the heck do we have to make sure azgfd knows we like hunting? Don't they know that? Sportsman spending millions of dollars a year in az isn't enough "love and time" spent fighting for what we believe in? How far would azgfd get if they didn't have the money from all of us to do what they do?
  8. AZtroutman

    Lion guide in trouble

    It all makes sense now, A3 is involved
  9. AZtroutman

    Lion guide in trouble

    Well he's got just as many or more charges for illegal take or illegal possession than bc777 did so maybe I should compare bc777 to Brian instead?
  10. AZtroutman

    Lion guide in trouble

    Lol let's be real, he didn't sue azgfd and win anything. Second of all not many people on here are saying he's guilty or not. Just going off the information found on public records. There's a lot of nice, good hunters that are good guys in general that get into trouble for doing stupid stuff. Just because he's your friend doesn't mean he is immune from it. Time will tell.
  11. AZtroutman

    Lion guide in trouble

    Who knows when he "knew" he was under investigation but based off this the game and fish didn't charge him with anything until April of 2021. The first one I posted from 2019 appears to be unrelated to game and fish and something to do with not licensing his dogs.
  12. AZtroutman

    Lion guide in trouble

    Looks like the first charges were something different but they were dismissed anyway. Nothing else is finished yet and still going through the courts. Almost gives bc777 a run for his money looks like.
  13. AZtroutman

    Brand new Glock 43

    Sell it to me for $400 and I won't tell her you're selling her Christmas present she got you. 😉
  14. AZtroutman

    2022 elk regulations

    They're up now. Still can't apply yet though.
  15. AZtroutman

    2022 elk regulations

    Two things. . The 2022 elk regs aren't out yet and you can't put in because the draw isn't open yet. Expect the regs sometime in the next 10 days based off years past.