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  1. Bought this Savage axis a few years back and literally never took it out of the box until I took these pictures. Nice cheap gun but still known to be very accurate. 22 inch barrel. Would prefer FTF with bill of sale signed but can ship anywhere in AZ. Asking $300. If shipping needed, buyer pays shipping.
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  3. AZtroutman

    6x6 330ish Bull Elk Mount

    Not that it matters but are you sure that thing is only 330? Looks a lot bigger.
  4. AZtroutman

    7 x 8 Bull Elk for sale

    I'll be that guy and just tell you that you are about $2000 high on your price.
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    He should get charged with fraud for spending everyone's money for something it wasn't meant for. Dumb a**
  6. AZtroutman

    4B archery antelope info/pass tag holders

    Just like most antelope hunts get up there and scout as much as possible. Hit every road you can find and glass all day because they are out all day. Gonna be hot so have to get close to see what you're looking at with heat waves. Focus on a few bucks you like and then make about 20 stalks and hope for a shot then do it 20 more times for another shot. There are a lot of posts online about archery antelope tactics. If it's hot and dry find a water source they're hitting and put up a blind. There's not any specific spot in 4b (out of the pines) that is "better" for antelope. They're everywhere.
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    Draw Results

    Congrats! How many points? so I can hate you more.
  8. AZtroutman

    Draw Results

    Usually card hits Friday and have results up by the next Friday or go into the next week Monday or Tuesday. But with charges on Wednesday this time I don't see why they shouldn't be out by end of this week at latest.
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    Draw Results

    I'll guess Wednesday
  10. AZtroutman

    Guide Recommendation

    They charged the same last year when gas prices were half as much. I guess these other top outfitters doing it for $5500 are losing money. And yes people tend to lay out large amounts of money for necessary things in life like vehicles and houses. Not so much for late rifle elk hunts. Even less likely when you're hunting sub par units like you drew. If money is no issue then more power to you. For most people, getting a guide is a once or twice in a lifetime event so money is definitely a factor.
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    Guide Recommendation

    I'm gonna guess you decided not to go with them after they told you their price. It's outrageous what they charge.
  12. Looks like Brian will be losing his license for 10 years for poaching. Looks like he had a good attorney but not good enough.
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    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Some hope. My brother just got charged for another tag just now. Had one yesterday and another just now.
  14. AZtroutman

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Then why the heck are you putting her in for premium tags?
  15. AZtroutman

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    What are you going for?
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    To Soon?

    Obviously not accurate but they're changing something in regards to the update deadline. Bet the email comes today.
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    Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

    ? Support backcountry hunters and anglers? Sure.
  18. AZtroutman

    To Soon?

    It's obvious you have no idea how the draw works.
  19. AZtroutman

    To Soon?

    I think they're off to a good start. All apps that I did on the last day are now showing in their portals which is a good sign.
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    Remington 700 S/S synthetic stock in .204 Ruger

    Mrs. Fisher, I'm not the one taking my ball and going home because someone said mean things to me. That's the difference. Now go make Brian some breakfast.
  21. AZtroutman

    Remington 700 S/S synthetic stock in .204 Ruger

    No, please don't go, you've shared so much knowledge with the site and have helped so many here. It will be a great loss.
  22. AZtroutman

    To Soon?

    Last year was March 20th because they screwed the pooch and the draw was a disaster. If things go as supposed to I would think cards could be hit (hopefully) next Friday the 25th. Draw results 1 1/2 weeks after that so first or second week of March.
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    bonus pass report

    I've looked over almost all of them, which one is jacked up? They all seemed correct.
  24. AZtroutman

    BNIB Savage Axis 6.5 creedmoor $300

    Rifle sold
  25. AZtroutman

    Best unit for 2022 with 23 points resident

    What couespursuit said is correct. The only time you don't have a chance at second choice is if you're in the bonus pass for first choice. Which isn't the case for either of those hunts with 23 points. All the computer will do is if your name gets pulled in the random pass it will check first choice for tags and if nothing left it will look at second choice and if nothing left you didn't draw.