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  1. Awesome... Enjoyed those photos. Good luck Doug.
  2. Black Bare

    Swarovski bino's

    You can request specific lenses to be replaced. I can't remember the cost of the small lenses but the big ones are about $140 a piece. It will probably take a month to get them back from the day you send them. My 15's got ran over by a low-riding '86 Cutlass Supreme on the 87 heading North to Payson. It was a heart breaker to watch... i still see it in slow montion when I close my eyes. Only car on the road, 80mph, didn't even tap the breaks. Totally destroyed them. I sent the pieces back for repairs and they are replacing them for $500. If you only want some lenses polished or replaced it shouldn't be too bad. Just call SONA and they will get you setup. Good Luck.... BB
  3. Black Bare

    Wind, Snow, Sleet..... Pigs!!

    We Glassed... And Shivered... And looked... And Glassed Some More... And Glassed Even More... Then Located pigs... Then Stalked... And after many seasons of no pigs, lost pigs, blown stalks, and faulty equipment my brother gets it done. Here is an example of the mount he will be getting done. With any luck, I will get one next... And a big THANKS to Tyler (elkhunter) for helping two strangers in a new unit... Thanks again dude...
  4. Black Bare

    Quiet AND Waterproof camo

    Spider Jacket by Rivers West... http://www.riverswest.com/spider_jacket.html
  5. Black Bare

    Anybody Hunting AZ Bear this Week?

    Had high hopes for this hunt, but saw nothing but pretty country. Glassed Friday evening and all of Saturday without luck. I think I may have been hunting to low. I wish I would have had Roninflag's weather, "...gentle mist, 53 degress..."
  6. Black Bare

    Anybody Hunting AZ Bear this Week?

    I haven't seen many ripe pears in the area I have been scouting. Haven't seen much for acorns either. Don't know what to think.
  7. Anyone planning to brave the heat and chase bears Friday? I've got my binos, sunscreen, and snake boots ready to go... My wife thinks I'm nuts... maybe I am. Anybody enjoy the august bear hunt?
  8. Black Bare

    What to do with $500...

    I appreciate the heads-up... Thanks all.
  9. Black Bare

    What to do with $500...

    Would I be waisting my time and money getting a spotting scope for less than $500? I'm looking for something to team up with my swaro 15x56 but don't have the dough for upper-class glass. The few cheap spotting scopes I've used have been worthless and hardly usable. Those experiences have me concerned about buying one for less than $500. Any opinions on a spotting scope in that price range would be appreciated... Thanks, B.A. Bare
  10. Black Bare

    Desert Cam - Bobcat Finally shows up!

    A couple of those pigs look huge... Nice pics!
  11. Black Bare

    Arizona Big 10?

    I hope somebody might shed some light on the Arizona Big 10 Award. I have heard rumors but can't find any good literature on the subject. I am curious what agency or group gives the award and how I can find a list of folks who have won it in the past. Please fill me in if you have any details. This would be a great thing for my 1 year old nephew to start thinking about. Thanks....
  12. Black Bare

    San Carlos Tags!

    Anybody know how early you should show up Saturday morning to ensure getting a firt-come first-serve tag. Looking to pickup two Unit A tags.
  13. Black Bare

    looking for a lion hunter

    Jarred at Nichols Guiding Service http://www.nicholsguidingservice.com Great book by the way Bill..... Bryce
  14. Black Bare

    Coyote contest in N. AZ

    I've got a three man team. Who do I contact? What time is check-in?
  15. We couldn't close the deal on this buck this morning. Glassed him up eating on a palo verde tree at 10:30am. This buck will haunt my partner and I for some time to come. He was a heavy 4x4... The pictures aren't great but it's all I got. I'm so bummed....