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  1. claywendy

    14X16 frame tent sold

    Great to meet you. Thanks again.
  2. claywendy

    14X16 frame tent sold

    Please call me at +19287135858. Thank you. Please leave voicemail if no answer.
  3. claywendy


    I will take them. I’m in Prescott but have family in Flagstaff. My # is 928713585. Could you please call me this evening and work out pick up details. Thanks so much
  4. claywendy


    Interested. What’s your location? Thanks
  5. claywendy

    Winchester Small Rifle Primers

    Ok thanks
  6. claywendy

    Winchester Small Rifle Primers

    Would you sale and how much? I would take them if you would ship. Call me 928 713 5858. Thanks
  7. claywendy

    12x14 Montana Canvas Tent

    Very interested in the Montana Tent, would like more information. Please call/text me at 928/713-5858, leave msg and I WILL return your call. Thanks
  8. claywendy

    Leica 10-15 x 50 binoculars

    Are you interested in any trades? (guns plus cash, or ???) Let me know, thanks...
  9. claywendy

    unit 36c

    Haven't hunted this area for a few years any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. claywendy

    Unit 36c

    Have not hunted this area for over 5 years, looking for any information on the status and concerns of the IAs and also any information regarding the deer population. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I have the late October hunt and have not hunted this area for over 5 years. I am looking for information on the IA situation and info on the deer population. Any information would be appreciated.