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  1. claywendy

    12x14 Montana Canvas Tent

    Very interested in the Montana Tent, would like more information. Please call/text me at 928/713-5858, leave msg and I WILL return your call. Thanks
  2. claywendy

    Leica 10-15 x 50 binoculars

    Are you interested in any trades? (guns plus cash, or ???) Let me know, thanks...
  3. claywendy

    unit 36c

    Haven't hunted this area for a few years any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. claywendy

    Unit 36c

    Have not hunted this area for over 5 years, looking for any information on the status and concerns of the IAs and also any information regarding the deer population. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have the late October hunt and have not hunted this area for over 5 years. I am looking for information on the IA situation and info on the deer population. Any information would be appreciated.