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  1. I love it when people are willing to help another hunter less fortunate than themselves. Some of the people on this site are fantastic. This gentleman isn't looking for someones honey hole, he would just love to be able to enjoy a good hunt and to those willing to help I applaud you. Friendship and good deeds are cherished forever by both the recipient and those giving the advice or encouragement. Thanks to all that are willing to help others, you give me hope in the human race. Thanks
  2. Thesteeleboy

    Unit 23 December Coues

    Actually I didn't put him in for his hunt, Someone is confused, but that's ok. We are all friends here and will continue to be, murfys69law is just experiencing some of murphy's law. Thanks for sharing your video with us merfy69law.
  3. Thesteeleboy

    Unit 23 December Coues

    Sorry for the confusion. I have no affiliation with this other gentleman at all. Sorry guy's
  4. Thesteeleboy

    Unit 23 December Coues

    Stanley, You will have to earn a real good buck in that area but they are in it. The deer numbers are better now in that area than they have been for many years. I was working in the area this spring and was surprised to see as many deer as I did. Its also been a great year for moisture and feed so antler growth should be good this year. Are you hunting down in the lower private property or on public land? Hunting is best when the unit gets a little snow, and a lot of deer hunts it does, so be prepared for it. and good luck;
  5. Thesteeleboy

    Unit 23 December Coues

    You're the greatest James. I hope things are looking better for your family.
  6. Thesteeleboy

    Unit 23 December Coues

    No, I have never been in unit 23 stanley. This will be a new experience for me and due to my sister in law's Nov. Utah deloris triangle deer tag, and my grandsons Dec. Utah deloris triangle bull elk tag, I won't get to scout before coming to hunt. Fortunately I do have one friend made on this site that is going to help me what he can, setting out a few trail cameras and looking around a little, I think mostly in the southern portion of the unit.
  7. I finally spent my 11 deer points on a unit 23 December coues tag. I feel a bit like a kid at Christmas I've never hunted a coues before but can hardly wait to come down. I'm looking foreword to making new friends, seeing new country and hunting something that has been on my bucket list for most of my life. I wish I could have got it done while I was younger and in better health but am going to enjoy this hunt without a doubt. Thanks for all the friendship and decision making help I have received from members on this site. The friends I have made while hunting throughout my life mean more to me than the trophy's I have taken home. 6ANUT's friendship helped make my 2012 Elk hunt one to remember. Hunting memories last forever and Im looking forward to making more. Thanks to all the great people on this site.
  8. That is a beautiful buck Scott, Thanks for sharing the story.
  9. Thesteeleboy

    My Birthday Buck II

    Great job Nate, that's an awesome b-day present.
  10. Thesteeleboy

    Would ya shake his hand ?

    I wouldn't shake his hand, but I have a few things I would like to say to the communist.
  11. Thesteeleboy

    Heading to Kauai

    Your little bride is beautiful, I should have told you to find a heavy set, toothless, homely woman. Otherwise they tend to cut in to your hunting time. You should have called me man, she's too cute to leave home.
  12. I have enjoyed a great year with family and friends hunting. I just wanted to share some pictures from my 2012 hunts with you.
  13. Thesteeleboy

    First Post---My 12 yr olds first bull

    Great Job, Its encouraging to see a young man interested in something other than video games. We all need to remember to take our kids hunting so we don't have to hunt for our kids.
  14. Thesteeleboy

    Late bull down

    Great job, thanks for sharing your hunt with us. This is my late hunt 6A bull.
  15. Thesteeleboy

    Where are all the Elk pictures

    I had a great Hunt in unit 6A this year due in part to the help I received from friends Ive made on this site. Unfortunately I experienced a week moment and shot my bull on day three of the hunt sending me home early. I could use some more Elk hunting stories and pictures to help get me through the winter. Please post em if ya got em.