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  1. bcoover

    Zeiss Conquest 15 x 56 binoculars

    Price reduced, $1,400.
  2. bcoover

    first or second week

    I would go the second week.
  3. bcoover

    Arch Kiabab Tag

    There will always be big bucks in Kiabab.
  4. bcoover

    Whitetail Cape

    I have one.
  5. bcoover

    pse x-force sold

    Draw Lenght?
  6. bcoover

    WTB Trail cams

    What is your address? I think I have an old one you can have. PM me your address and I will try and find my old ones.
  7. I have been drawn for bull elk three years in a row.
  8. bcoover

    Cellular trail cam

    The Moultrie I-45/65 will get you about 150 days on 4 D batteries. The cellular Modem runs on 6 AA's and will last about a month. Add the solar panel, which Payson Outfitters is selling, you will not have to change batteries or buy rechargeable batteries. The solar panel has a built in battery that will run both the camera and the cellular modem. If you look at the cost of buying batteries, you could have bought a couple of these solar panels and never go back to your camera and find out your batteries have been dead for a couple of weeks. On the cameras I have with solar panals, I am going on 10 months with out changing batteries! Is that one panal, or more?
  9. bcoover

    Cellular trail cam

    what is the battery life on those cams?
  10. bcoover

    Cellular trail cam

    I looked at them, just don't trust the service. If the cam is in a deep nasty canyon do you think it would still get service. My current cell phone is with AT&T and I loose service about a hour from home. How has the service been for you?
  11. bcoover

    WHAT IS HE????

  12. bcoover

    Finally a bow kill !!!

    They ate the entire deer in one night?