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  1. bcoover

    Goldendoodle looking for new home

    If it falls through please let me know.
  2. You did it in the parking lot at Sportsmen’s Warehouse?
  3. bcoover

    380 Rounds - Norma 6.5 PRC 143gr

    I’ll take two boxes.
  4. Do you have the box, paperwork, and the original grips?
  5. bcoover

    13B Early November Rifle

    Shadow Valley 100%, ASG is good and so are the Bundy’s, but in my opinion Shadow Valley is better than both.
  6. bcoover

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    Ground Pounders
  7. bcoover

    Zeiss Conquest 15 x 56 binoculars

    Price reduced, $1,400.
  8. bcoover

    first or second week

    I would go the second week.
  9. bcoover

    Arch Kiabab Tag

    There will always be big bucks in Kiabab.
  10. bcoover

    Whitetail Cape

    I have one.
  11. bcoover

    pse x-force sold

    Draw Lenght?
  12. bcoover

    WTB Trail cams

    What is your address? I think I have an old one you can have. PM me your address and I will try and find my old ones.
  13. I have been drawn for bull elk three years in a row.