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    hunting with new hunters, kids and women, deep sea fishing and sitting a top of a hill on a cold morning behind my 15's looking for coues deer

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  1. luckysob

    AZSCI Indoor Swap Meet at PSE in Tucson-August 10

    We have some tables and spaces left, let us know if you are interested. I went through my stuff and found items I no longer use so the indoor swap meet it is !
  2. luckysob

    SOLD **New Garmin Inreach Explorer+**

    I am interested in it, I have some questions to ask you about it.
  3. luckysob

    Interarms Mark X Mannlicher

    Did you take the shotgun ?
  4. luckysob

    Interarms Mark X Mannlicher

    Kimber Custom II Its the all black model.
  5. luckysob

    Elk bugles

    I will take one. Give me an address to mail you a CC plus postage.
  6. luckysob

    Interarms Mark X Mannlicher

    Would you be interested in a new in the box Kimber 1911 in 45 ACP ?
  7. luckysob

    Walther P22 $200 or trade !

    Is this still available?
  8. I will buy the Mini i can have it picked up In the next couple days. 520-490-8367
  9. luckysob

    Winchester pre 64 Model 70 270 Win

    Ok thanks
  10. luckysob

    Winchester pre 64 Model 70 270 Win

    Did this rifle sell ?
  11. Check out my website couesoutfitters.com
  12. I own Coues Outfitters, I live in Tucson where we will drive you in our vehicles to our ranches. I’ve hunted all my life in Sonora
  13. We have ranches in Sonora that can accommodate you and your dad and no matter what shape they are in. Give me a call and I can text you some pictures of 2 clients that just killed good bucks with us last week. 1 guy 75 took a 96” buck and his 74 year old buddy took his best ever Coues buck, 107” from the road.
  14. luckysob

    Bullets, powder and more

    All items sold
  15. When are you available, where would you like to meet ?


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    2. rugermack


      Out by Sonoita in the desert

    3. luckysob


      Call me when you are done and we can meet at Triple T if you live on the east side.

      anytime after 11:00 works for me 

    4. rugermack


      area code 520 ?