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  1. gregaz


    Pm sent
  2. gregaz

    Free Youth Boots

    My son wore these for his hunt last year which lasted all of one hour. Located in Marana but travel to Casa Grande often.
  3. gregaz

    Input wanted - Hunting with a 10 year old

    Played this game last year. I found the key at least for me was to keep everything fun, from shooting to glassing. As far as shooting goes, I had issues trying to get my son to use a tripod for a rest. I found prone was the only way he was going to make an accurate shot. Kids love reactive targets from steel to balloons. I also brought ear protection on the hunt as he had serious flitch from sound, and it made him more comfortable. I keep his pack light and loaded down with plenty of snacks as kids burn thru them. I did let him bring a cell phone so he could play games while I glassed, ended up keeping him quiet and still for hours. Remember the hunt is for your kid and not you, I found myself pushing my son beyond his limits and making it uncomfortable for him. Most important thing is take your time and have fun in the outdoors with your kid. Oh yea be patient!
  4. gregaz

    2020 archery coues harvest x2 video

    I have heard of this legend! 😀
  5. gregaz

    WTB LH Youth Recurve

    Looking to buy a LH recurve for my 11 year old son. 15-20 lbs. Located in Marana.
  6. Have a KUIU icon pro 7200, live in Tucson but work outta casa grande. Buddy has a kirfaru I could probably grab if you want.
  7. Have had the Ridgeline in 6.5 CM for about two years. Followed the barrel break in to a "T" and the gun is a shooter. I found it like Bergers 140 VLD's. I was shooting .28" with HSM trophy gold with the 140 VLD Hunters. The gun is just over 3/4" with the Hornady Precision Hunters 143 ELDX. For the price and weight, it can't be beat. Sometimes I forget the gun is in my pack. I would go with the side vent brake as previously mentioned. I have been playing around with some loads with good results.
  8. gregaz

    My son's first deer

    My son drew the early 33 Jr hunt. Took him out of school on Friday to go on his first hunting trip. Glassed up a nice 2x at about 0730. I thought to myself that would be a good first deer for my son to shoot. I then noticed this guy lurking in the ocotillos. Trying to be calm I told my son he may want to shoot this deer instead. He has been talking about this hunt everyday since.
  9. gregaz

    Calling in lions.

    I am in the same boat with the frequent lion pics. Would it be better just to try and glass the lion up? If it didn't like your calling could you scare it out of area?
  10. gregaz

    Any bulls down

    Got this guy on the second day, 7w.
  11. I have had the Garmin Fenix 5x for a little over a year now and I love it. I mainly use it for fitness activities. The gps on the watch is convenient if you keep your gps buried in your pack like I do or it dies. Drawback are screen is small and hard to pan around. If you are outdoors a lot I would buy one, I wear mine everyday.
  12. gregaz

    Phone Skope iphone 6 plus Otterbox

    I will take it, will be in Tucson on Wednesday.
  13. gregaz

    Tripod head for BTX?

    What tripod head is everyone using for Swaro BTX? Was thing about manfrotto mv502ah. Any input is appreciated.