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  1. MT. CAT

    Stolen truck

    Sorry for not updating the thread. Truck was located a few days after this post was made. Not sure that the reports of it in Gilbert and Payson were accurate but I appreciate those who did report seeing it. Some fine young residents of the Gila River Indian Community were spotted with it. They ran into the desert and ditched the truck. Gila River PD wasn't able to catch them, go figure. Talked to a detective out there. Apparently it is a group of 5 that targets Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa. According to him they jack and destroy multiple trucks per week. That weekend they had stolen 3 diesels. Older F250's and older Rams are the truck of choice. They sell a few things off them for drugs then destroy the truck or burn it.. They drive a black SUV. Which I have on video driving by several times, before they broke in. Found out a neighbor of mine with a similar truck had his taken a few weeks earlier. Same situation. They removed my stock rims with new Michelin tires and 1 of 2 new interstate batteries. Looks like they had a drug induced rage inside the cab. Dash was completely destroyed, passenger door panel ripped off, stock speaker removed, pillar gauges ripped down, column broken, door locked popped. I also had my 16' dual axle trailer attached to it that night. Thank god my SxS was not loaded up. It was sad to see her like that at the wrecking yard. I had owned that truck for 15 years, every single option, upgrade or mod was done to it. The truck was a dream to drive and haul heavy loads. The sad part is all the videos I had taken of my son sleeping in the front seat since he was 4. Every trip we ever went out on, that truck would put him to sleep. I would take a panning video from left to right and he was always passed out. That truck was eventually going to be his. Ultimately the damage was enough that insurance called it a total loss and I just don't have the free time like I had before kids to fix this mess. IMG_2405.MOV
  2. MT. CAT

    WTB 14' or 16' TRAILER

    Anyone got a 14' or 16' trailer in good shape for sale? Preferably with brakes. Thanks
  3. MT. CAT

    Stolen truck

    Called Payson PD twice asking for a detective or anyone to talk to. They told me I have to contact Phoenix PD and they can call Payson PD and advise them on the incident. Unfortunately Phoenix PD is dealing with the riot BS so no one is answering the auto crime phone line today.
  4. MT. CAT

    Stolen truck

    Thanks to social media truck was spotted Saturday going north on Gilbert rd. Then later that day 2 people report seeing it in Payson. $1000 if anyone spots it and helps me get it recovered.
  5. MT. CAT

    Stolen truck

    Friend of friend swore they saw it in Payson yesterday. But I agree she’s went south rather than north.
  6. MT. CAT

    Stolen truck

    It’s a mint condition 2500 diesel. Fully built motor with all the goodies and a transmission to hold it down. Dam shame it’s going to be all wasted on a drug or illegal immigrant run. FML
  7. MT. CAT

    Stolen truck

    Ahwatukee stolen at 12:45 am. Neighbors camera shows it all going down.
  8. MT. CAT

    Stolen truck

    Ahwatukee stolen at 11:45pm. Neighbor has camera footage
  9. MT. CAT

    Stolen truck

    Guy be on the look out someone stole my truck and 16' open trailer. She's been my girl for 15 years. 602*703*9979 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 White 16' flatbed trailer with some drywall in it. Lic #ocw0068 IF YOU SEE IT SHOOT OUT THE TIRES
  10. MT. CAT

    Florencia Pizza Bistro 4/16 50% off

    I live down the road from this place. Restaurant before the crisis was always packed full. Great service and staff. It also helps when the pizza is A+. Ive had take out twice in the last few weeks.
  11. MT. CAT

    Vortex 10x42 binoculars

    Great binoculars for a youth hunter! They were my sons who has taking a serious interest in hunting. He won some at the Sheep banquet and wants to part with these to buy other hunting gear. Can meet up in North Valley during the day or Ahwatukee/Chandler area nights and weekends. Asking $120. 602-7zero3-9979
  12. MT. CAT

    Desert Sheep Banquet

    Looks like you can't receive messages. I got 2 tickets. Call me 602*703*9979
  13. MT. CAT

    Desert Sheep Banquet

    Might have one ticket for ya, won't know until noon. But as soon as I hear from the guy who bought the table I will hit you up.
  14. MT. CAT

    Anyone in 24B

    I've been out several times. Got a few on camera but cant seem to glass any up
  15. You are most welcome. Happy hunting!!