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  1. MT. CAT

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    You must work in the water treatment or distribution industry.........
  2. I thought about trying them a time or two. But Amazon will have a Stealth cam G30 drop down on price for $74 from time to time. Haven’t had one fail me yet. I got one that’s been in a canyon looking for bears 24/7 for 3-4 years now. That’s my go to cheap cam. Add in an SD card and cable and your at $100. Kind of my limit for leaving something tied to a tree. I just don’t know if saving $25 is worth the hassle of finding out it failed on you a week after leaving it out.
  3. MT. CAT

    WTS/WTT Swarovski 20-60x65 HD spotting scope

    I'm open to offers........
  4. MT. CAT

    Badlands 2200 pack

    Ok Ive had two flakes now, can I get a third??????
  5. MT. CAT

    WTS/WTT Swarovski 20-60x65 HD spotting scope

    Forgot it comes with a hard case too.
  6. MT. CAT

    Badlands 2200 pack

    Peanuts and tuna packets
  7. MT. CAT

    Teacher fired for giving ZEROS

    I’m sure there is more to this story but...My wife works for the public school system. This is policy. If the kids turn in an assignment with just there name it’s a 50%. Zero no longer exists. They can turn in assignments anytime throughout the school year and cannot be docked points for being late. Reasoning behind the no Zero’s. It’s too hard for them to raise their grade with such a low number getting averaged in!!!!! It’s not the teachers who are failing the kids it’s the system.
  8. Scope is in flawless condition, glass has no scratches, lived its life in the cover. Looking to go to Swarovski 15x56 HD with cash on my end. Asking $1725 obo
  9. MT. CAT

    Badlands 2200 pack

    Back up for sale
  10. MT. CAT

    Badlands 2200 pack

  11. MT. CAT

    Badlands 2200 pack

    Older model Badlands 2200, comes with gun boot and 128oz water bladder. Good overall condition. Just got it back from badlands for some repairs after a bear decided to open it up and eat my snacks. $100
  12. MT. CAT

    WTB Lead Shot (2 25lb Bags) any size

    What’s the cost of 2-25lb bags? Currently I just use 2-25lb dumbbells and they work well. I think I paid $20 for them.
  13. MT. CAT

    Leaks on the well pipes

    Looks like a Watts 530C pressure relief valve. If its leaking it will have to be replaced. The seat is probably compromised. I cant tell from the picture if the leaking side of the valve leads to atmosphere for relief or back into the well. It will also explain the loss of pressure. https://www.watts.com/products/plumbing-flow-control-solutions/relief-valves/pressure-only-relief-valves/530c
  14. MT. CAT

    RTIC Cooler sale

    I bought my 65s during the sell-off last year. Picked up a 20 during a recent sale. Then bought the 145 this week. Couldn't pass up the price.
  15. MT. CAT

    Dodge 2500 Tires and Aluminum Wheels

    That's a nice find. 2 gen dodge with 50k miles. Is it a diesel?