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  1. MT. CAT

    Anyone work at Discount Tire

    Costco only. Discount Tire is closed on Sundays and that could be a problem. Yes they will price match but, then they charge for the road hazard certs. Costco includes that in the install price. After seeing a co-worker literally lose his front tire on US60 doing 65 in a Dodge Diesel 2500 I will never let them touch any of my vehicles!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Go with Fred. I promise you will not regret it.
  3. MT. CAT

    Results are up.

    Late December coues tag for me. 💪🏻
  4. MT. CAT

    4A Archery Bull - show me your pics

    Things are looking good. Did an overnight trip to check some cams and set some new ones.
  5. MT. CAT

    Any recent velvet pics?

    Things are looking good in my unit. I’m sure he will finish off well.
  6. MT. CAT

    Any recent velvet pics?

    Going to check cams later today. I’ll try to post up some pics.
  7. MT. CAT

    Lets get it started

    Late December coues
  8. Fred Swanson at FSR Diesel. He is the King of Dodge transmissions. It’s literally all he does. I had him build mine up back in the day after I added a bunch of goodies to the motor. Haven’t had a single issue in 50k miles with it https://fsrdiesel.com/
  9. MT. CAT

    4 Wildgame and a Stealth trail cameras

    Text message sent
  10. MT. CAT

    Looking for a new GPS

    A saved OnX map needs no internet access or wifi connection. I will save a few maps if I know I'm going somewhere I don't have connection. I have T-Mobile so thats like everywhere.
  11. MT. CAT

    Arrow spine selection

    I was looking at shooting magnus stingers if that helps. Didn’t recall much of a size difference between the sizes but I’m going to look more into that now.
  12. MT. CAT

    Arrow spine selection

    My grouping right now seems to be good. I was just looking at new arrows and based on the selector tool saying 300/250 I felt like a 340 was maybe too weak. Is there a difference between using a 150grain BH vs a brass insert and a 100grain BH?
  13. I got a new bow last year and just kept on using the arrows I already had (340 spine with a 100 grain tip) But with an elk tag in my pocket this year I wanted to get a better arrow set up and ready to go by September i.e. heavier arrow. heavier broadhead, higher foc. I will be shooting Gold Tip Hunter XT's. My dilemma is what spine to shoot with a 150 grain broadhead. My dl is 28.5, dw is 70lb. My arrows now are cut 28.5" from carbon to carbon. Using Gold Tips website arrow selector tool at 70lb-74lb using a 28" arrow calls out 300 spine, using a 29" arrow calls out a 250 spine. The other problem I have is a 250 spine greatly increases overall weight and drops my foc slightly. Not so worried about slight foc loss, but is the added weight worth the loss of fps? Im a numbers guys so I might just be over thinking this. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!!!! 250 spine @ 28.5" 150 grain tip = 497 grain total / 11.6% foc 300 spine @ 28.5" 150 grain tip = 460 grain total / 12.6% foc
  14. MT. CAT

    Badlands 2200 pack