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  1. MT. CAT


    What part of town might be interested?
  2. MT. CAT

    Results are out on portal

    Congrats on the sheep tag. How many points did you have? I also put in for that hunt. I’ve helped out in there before. Saw some great rams.
  3. Best of luck. Took me two month to get one. Better have cash in your hand and the ability to leave work immediately if you find one. Can’t tell you how many I lost because I was doing a loan and not a cash buyer or I couldn’t get there until after work. I wouldn’t sell my 3 seater before I could get my hands on a crew so I didn’t have the cash. And prices are at premium. I ended up selling my 3 seater for $2500 more than I paid for it 3 years ago. Set alerts on Facebook market place and offer up so as soon as one hits the market you get notified.
  4. MT. CAT

    Wtb a Polaris ranger crew or equivalent

    Good luck. I’ve been looking for a ranger crew for several months now. If anything decent hits the market the first person to get there buys it with cash. Plus the prices are dang near the cost of a new one. I can’t bring myself to buy new from Ridenow.
  5. Looking to buy a Ranger crew 2016 or newer with less than 2k miles. I’ve had 3 now that the seller has flaked or after the deal was made didn’t want to deal with a bank loan from AZFCU. Might even entertain a Polaris general if it’s under $20k. No junk or anything abused, certainly nothing that has seen the sand.
  6. MT. CAT

    2017 Polaris Ranger xp900

    2017 ranger xp900 1700 miles half windshield carhartt seat cover new rims and tires 200 miles ago meticulously maintained and have all service records Asking 11,000obo
  7. MT. CAT

    Free Youth Boots

    Ill take them. Sent you a PM
  8. MT. CAT

    SLIK Caron Tripod. SOLD

    Check your private messages
  9. MT. CAT

    Kids insulated camo.

    Thank you jcarter! Someone will be warm for his first big game hunt.
  10. MT. CAT

    2 side X sides Honda Polaris

    Do you have any pics of the Honda? I tried texting you
  11. MT. CAT

    Outdoorsmans Spur 50 pack

    Price drop $250 to reflect the Black Friday deal outdoorsmans is offering.
  12. MT. CAT

    Backroadz truck tent

  13. MT. CAT

    Backroadz truck tent

    It’s not included, but it’s a great set up. Molded around the fender wells. Sleeps me and my boy well.
  14. MT. CAT

    Backroadz truck tent

    Tent works great. New truck has a shell so I don’t need this anymore. Model #13022 100obo Located in Ahwatukee.