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  1. Dan H

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Mine is on portal now n wasn't hour ago. 8 bull
  2. Dan H

    Super moon coyote

    Back yard night before the super moon.
  3. After all these years driving on my quad with my cheapo savage .270 with a 40mm scope I didn't realize the deer were my enemy. I should've sniped them all.
  4. Dan H

    Big Tom Bobcat

    Is winter coat in full swing?
  5. Can you do debit over phone.
  6. Can I get 7 for $100 from you? Website no link
  7. Dan H

    Monster Moto MM-B80 mini bike

    Sold thanks Brian it was great meeting you today. Lot taller in person then you'd think from avatar. Thanks again. Dan
  8. Dan H

    Monster Moto MM-B80 mini bike

    If still available I would like to buy it and can meet you Thursday in Mesa?
  9. Awesome thanks Doug and Neil I just received my new Vortex scope from factory and it's gonna work great on my creedmor. Dan
  10. Dan H

    How to measure skulls

    Yes awesome area. I'm travelling so will measure skull when return. Seen major bear in 24b it's ruff in August need your horses to get out quick with meat.
  11. Dan H


    Waters at bottom of ramp
  12. Go to J13 website his intros is what I have always done and it works. Quick shrill followed by call sequence.
  13. 24b CircleStone bear skull we found 10+ years ago. Curious what it would score. It was found in a semi cave overhang protected from the elements. Oh and we made it to CircleStone snow and all thanks to GPS. Sorry if upside down. Dan