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  1. Have factory doors with felt liner inside $1500.00 set, minor repair driver side window need to replace rivets on latch with screws. Door opener latch bent atch have new parts. Stock roof with felt liner inside $200.00 Front n Rear Factory rims n tires 50 miles on them or less $300.00 Updated Aug 3rd SPF Both upper n lower Front A arms like new replaced with left kit at 200 miles $150.00 In Tonto Basin drive to Chandler periodically during week, Nine 2 Ate 978 561Ate.
  2. Dan H

    Ever regret passing on a shot?

    Awesome can see his breath from nostrils. Thanks for sharing
  3. Dan H

    Need help, Clever pest control company names.

    Clingers, Wingers & Stingers Pest Control
  4. Dan H

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Mine is on portal now n wasn't hour ago. 8 bull
  5. Dan H

    Super moon coyote

    Back yard night before the super moon.
  6. After all these years driving on my quad with my cheapo savage .270 with a 40mm scope I didn't realize the deer were my enemy. I should've sniped them all.
  7. Dan H

    Big Tom Bobcat

    Is winter coat in full swing?
  8. Can you do debit over phone.
  9. Can I get 7 for $100 from you? Website no link
  10. Dan H

    Monster Moto MM-B80 mini bike

    Sold thanks Brian it was great meeting you today. Lot taller in person then you'd think from avatar. Thanks again. Dan
  11. Dan H

    Monster Moto MM-B80 mini bike

    If still available I would like to buy it and can meet you Thursday in Mesa?
  12. Awesome thanks Doug and Neil I just received my new Vortex scope from factory and it's gonna work great on my creedmor. Dan