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  1. Sundevil99

    Dog Training

    My Lab wouldn't swim for the first 3 years of his life in a pool (just stood on the steps and splashed). Then we went to Woods Canyon and couldn't keep him out of the water trying to swim everywhere. Some are late bloomers. Plus hunting dove and quail, swimming isn't really needed unless you shoot over canals. Not as many people hunt waterfowl here so love of swimming isn't such a big issue. The hardest thing to fix is gunshy though. Take your time, lots of research and if it never happens at least you have a family dog.
  2. Sundevil99

    Unit 22

    I started a new job (Trauma ICU RN) and had training the last 6 weeks and scouted for Turkey before I went this weekend. Time just ran out. I'm ok with a spike, no need for a trophy this year. I'll take the first decent shot I get. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Sundevil99

    Unit 22

    Got drawn for 22 coues hunt this month and I am planning on getting out there a few times before the 21st. I've never hunted the unit but know that every time we've headed north in Oct or December I see a ton of guys glassing from the Beeline. I've been on elk hunts in the unit and have seen 2 big WT bucks in the chaparral up by Star Valley below the control road. Would I be better off avoiding the crowds and head up into the unit farther north/northeast or stay down in the high desert like everyone else? Would the fire on Mt Ord still be affecting any or would they have moved back up the mountain by then? Just looking for a few pointers to direct my limited scouting time. And for good Karma I did see a ton of Mule deer right behind Lake Mary this weekend while chasing non existing Turkeys in 6a. So if you want some muleys there you go.
  4. Sundevil99

    Shoulder/Chest Holster

    http://gunfightersinc.com/?page_id=251 The Kenai chest holster is pretty sweet. I use one for my carry gun when I'm outdoors.
  5. Sundevil99

    First Turkey Hunt, Unit 1 Fall

    Good luck. I got drawn for 6A turkey also. I see them up there when I'm not hunting, let's hope I can find them when I am!
  6. I found this little guy out quail hunting Saturday in the San Tan area. Good thing his parents weren't around. Plenty of birds though.
  7. Sundevil99

    Dove hunting

    I used to go down Ironwood rd until I had to be more concerned with getting shot, it wasnt any fun anymore. Maybe gold canyon or queen valley area. People during dove season are scary.....more so then the snowbirds driving a Class A motor home. You obviously haven't been you Yuma during the winter. We can't even drive on our main streets from Nov 1 till the end of March. You see them buying jug wine and handles of whiskey (not whisky since that doesn't come in handles) at walgreens at 6am to start the day off then pile in 6 people in a xtracab 1 ton and start cruising around. I don't miss Yuma during the winter much because of that. Lol And getting peppered was always a rite of passage for us for dove hunting anyways...lol
  8. Sundevil99

    Dove hunting

    Thanks for the info Matt. I'm going with our buddy Martine and a few other people from Yuma somewhere south of here. He says he knows some farmers that will let us hunt. It's a lot different here than back in Yuma since the entire east valley moved so far south. I heard cotton prices were up because of the drought in Texas and there was a lot more planted here this year. I know I saw a lot out in the west valley last weekend.
  9. Sundevil99

    TKO by a Whitetail

    http://www.azcentral.com/offbeat/articles/2012/08/09/20120809minnesota-fight-deer-leaves-man-black-eyes.html I know what we can do with all the mountain lions we have here, drop them off in Minnesota! I'm sure this guy would want a few to keep his wifes flowers intact.
  10. Sundevil99

    G&F Commissioner

    http://www.azcentral.com/news/politics/articles/2012/08/09/20120809game-fish-commissioner-cited-hunting-violation.html I was reading through the reports from the commission meetings about the prosecution procedings and they usually don't give much forgiveness to the other hunters who have self reported. I wonder if it will change now that he thinks "it's a little heavy-handed," he said. "Rather than being rewarded (for self-reporting), I was disciplined. I'm looking forward to my day in court." Who knows.... Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/politics/articles/2012/08/09/20120809game-fish-commissioner-cited-hunting-violation.html#ixzz2318c20Wv
  11. Sundevil99

    Dove hunting

    It's not like the San Carlos with trophy elk, it's just dove and quail that move quite easily to and from res. You would think they would allow non tribal hunters and have tie ins with the casino's for breakfast and cleaning them like they do in Yuma. Even if they don't make that much off licenses, they would get people in the door who might not have been to the casino's before that might spend plenty of money there. Oh well.
  12. Sundevil99

    Dove hunting

    Thats what I thought, sucks though since there is a lot of good ground that is plenty open for hunting. Just didn't want to have to hunt tanks, wanted fields like I used to hunt back in Yuma. Thanks!
  13. I wanted to know if anyone knows if you are allowed to hunt in the Gila River or Salt River reservations? We used to hunt on the res back in Yuma to get away from the crowds and all you had to do was purchase a license from them. The terrain on the reservations up here (farm land) is closer to what I'm used to hunting and was wondering if any of the areas were huntable. I've looked at their websites but don't see anything about hunting on them. I've been told of a few places on the west side but don't want to drive that far so I'm looking for places closer to home in the east valley. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Sundevil99


    Thanks for the help guys. Didn't even know about those docs before. Max thanks you also!