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  1. m77

    Results up on AZGF Portal.

    Yes!!! Fort Huachuca December hunt. Love that hunt.
  2. So fun to hunt these beautiful Coues Whitetail. I passed on about 10 different back before deciding to take this beautiful deer. Not a big guy but like his shape and cemetery. 94 pounds field dressed, 4 x 4 with a little kicker and nice eyeguards. Thanks for the information and knowledge sharing by all who frequent this site. You all give not only useful information but a love for hunting as well.
  3. Molokai is a great place to hunt year round with Go Hawaii Outfitters. I was given a last minute invitation to join Matt as his cousin dropped out with only weeks to go. Little did I know that I would enjoy the experience so much. If you enjoy the company of a true conservationist that loves the relationship between the land, sea and all living creatures then you will find much pleasure in an evening chat around the picnic table on the lanai with Desmond. He works to protect and preserve the environment of Molokai through his lifelong knowledge of the islands ohana, mauka and makai. Desmonds conservation practices of creating a quality hunt of large and monster axis, blackbuck and bird hunting is second to none. Our one on one guides, Koa and Ku, possess incredible skills in the field. Both know the property, how to hunt it and act quickly to recover down game. The experience of barking axis, gobbling turkey and Francolin pheasant is exciting enough. Add to that the beautiful island lifestyle and you wouldnt want to leave. Whether rifle or archery hunting youll see more game in a day than you typically see all year. Many options can be added to the vacation of a lifetime. Deep sea charter fishing is available in multiple hour outings with catches of marlin, ahi (yellowfin tuna), mahi mahi, ono and more. Learn about Molokai and its history through the museum, day hikes to Kalaupapa, enjoy an evening with hot bread at Kanemitsu Bakery and Restaurant or have Loco Moco with fried rice at Kualapuu Cookhouse. For hunt bookings call 808-646-9857, email gohawaiioutfitters@gmail.com and visit the website gohawaiioutfitters.com. If you want to personally chat email me at ajgforce@gmail.com.
  4. Hey Trophyhunter. Give Jordan a call for prices. I live in Hawaii and many of the local businesses give discounts to locals. So it won’t be right for me to quote prices.
  5. We hunted with Go Hawaii Outfitters LLC. Jordan “Koa” Manaba. 808-646-0857. They have access to Molokai Ranch. The area is all free range cause the deer can run basically the entire island. Plenty Axis Deer. Fun morning hunt. Back in this after noon for a meat hunt. Matt wasn’t to take an Axis doe.
  6. Great hunt this morning. Matt got his Black Buck and I am super happy with my hard horn velvet Axis buck. More of the hunt story to come.
  7. m77

    Axis Deer Molokai

    My guide offered me some Axis Deer Summer Sausageat his home. So Good!!!
  8. Just land in Molokai and met up with my guide Jordan Koa Manaba. 808-646-0857. Cant wait for the morning to start hunting.
  9. m77

    A year for a camera, pic heavy

    Nice Photos. Next time don't put honey on the camera when you set it up.
  10. m77

    T/C Hawken 50 Caliber Loads

    As always, this is the best hunting sight I visit. Always great participation from hunters with experience and knowledge. And willingness to share. Thanks again.
  11. m77

    nice tom

    Catch and Release. Shot and Keep. I believe you did the latter.
  12. m77

    Arizona's Elk

    Love going through past posts especially when Outdoor Writer and Bill Quimby are involved.
  13. m77

    T/C Hawken 50 Caliber Loads

    Thanks for the info guys. The barrel has a 1/48 twist. I also did read that Colorado does not allow sabot. My son is going to put in for AZ muzzleloader Elk first. If he doesn't draw we can hunt CO over the counter tag. I might stick with the Maxi bullets to be legal either state. What distances are you guys sighting in and shooting.
  14. m77

    T/C Hawken 50 Caliber Loads

    I was thinking about trying one of the sabots to get more range and accuracy. The home made lead bullets weight made them drop quickly at longer distances and tended to not group well on a target. When using them at 20 yards in a cedar swamp I wasn't worried too much about either disadvantage. A longer range shot at an elk I would like better of both accuracy and less drop.
  15. Any suggestions for loads in the T/C Hawkens 50 Caliber. I haven't shot it for a few years and my son is interested in hunting elk either in AZ or CO with it. I use to shoot 110 grs Pyrodex RS with a 320 gram lead bullet I made from a mold I had. Works wonders on Wisconsin Whitetail, however I hunted a cedar swamp and shot them at under 20 yards most of the time. Needless to say they never went very far.