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  1. kaibabkiller

    Unit 21

    I'd love to help you with your hunt! 21 is one of the zones we specialize in. Feel free to give me a call. Thanks, Hunter Smith Broadhead Outfitters 480-244-0971
  2. kaibabkiller

    Vortex Nomad Spotter

    Sold to Ctafoya
  3. kaibabkiller

    Big Man Camo

  4. kaibabkiller

    Vortex Nomad Spotter

    Just ordered my new Zeiss DiaScope so have no use for this any more. Glass is perfect, body has a few scuffs. $250.00 firm. no trades.
  5. kaibabkiller

    Results are Up!!!

    I just got through on web!!!!!! NOT DRAWN :angry: :angry:
  6. kaibabkiller

    Big Man Camo

    Selling a bunch of my old camo fitted for the larger outdoorsman! All diffrent patterns, Kings, Realtree, Mossy Oak etc. 8 Pairs Pants 44-46 waist 34 inseam $15 EA. 4 Long Sleeve T-Shirts 3XL-4XL $3 EA. 3 Long Sleeve Button Up 3XL-4XL $15 1 Rain Jacket 3XL $15 1 Rain Pants 42-34 $10 3 Jackets 3XL $10 1 Cold Weather Bib Overalls 4XL Tall $20 Total of $252(if my math is right LOL) will take $200 for all of it. Shoot me a text if interested 480-244-0971 Thanks, Hunter
  7. kaibabkiller

    unit 24a

    pm sent
  8. kaibabkiller

    Elk, bear

    Nice bull!!
  9. kaibabkiller

    Theyre hitting cards

    $50 hit so far, kids are stoked, they're gonna lay the smack down!!
  10. kaibabkiller

    Trane 16 SEER Gas/Electric Air conditioner

    It can be ground mounted as long as your duct work is close by.
  11. kaibabkiller

    Trane 16 SEER Gas/Electric Air conditioner

    This unit was removed after our customers built an addition to there home. We installed a 5 ton system instead. Bonecollector is correct. You must have nat gas or propane for the furnace side of the system. I would install it for $1400(includes new stand, elbow, disconnect, condensate drain, tstat, gas flex and crane service. Plus cost of unit. It runs R410A, 2 stage compressor, variable speed blower and 2 stage gas valve. It's top of the line!!
  12. kaibabkiller

    Trane 16 SEER Gas/Electric Air conditioner

    Its a 4 Ton, Rooftop mounted unit.
  13. Removed this from a customers home yesterday. It is in perfect working condition. I'll post pics later. Asking $600. Unit is 2 years old. 4 Ton Rooftop Package Unit. Any questions feel free to call. Thanks, Hunter 480-244-0971
  14. kaibabkiller

    Where are all the turkey's at?

    We hunted 23 this last weekend. The gobblers were vocal while in the roost but once down they were quiet. Saturday evening we had 6 really nice toms run across the 288 right in front of us. No shots, we'll be back up this weekend with a new game plan.