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    I enjoy being outdoors seeing wildlife and taking pics of them. My favorite thing to do is hear Elk bugle and try to call them in for a close-up photo of them!I also enjoy shed hunting.

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  1. Pixman

    Outdoorsmans pistol grip & panner

    SOLD Please delete!
  2. I am selling my Outdoorsmans pistol grip with panner, they are in good condition and I'm asking $250 obo. I'm located in east Mesa and will ship if needed. Texting is best for me at 602-920-4818 Darren
  3. Pixman

    2021 Coues Calendar Release Date?

    Amanda has these so hopefully she will chime in.
  4. Pixman

    2019 Coues Buck Calendars are in!

    Glad to see you have them in the CWT store, good luck Amanda!
  5. Pixman

    Cell signal in the Superstitions?

    What Redman said, it is hit and miss. If you get on the right mountain you can have service but its sporadic.
  6. Pixman

    Happy Birthday Amanda.

    Happy Birthday Amanda!
  7. Pixman

    Good stuff

    I bought a pair of boots from Ross Outdoors and Josiah was very helpful!
  8. Pixman


    Great deal on superior glass!
  9. Pixman

    This new forum layout

    Looking better thanks!
  10. Pixman

    This new forum layout

    I thought it will just take time to adjust to the new layout but I don't like it either!
  11. Pixman

    Any graphic designers?

    Contact Brett with Funktion designs.
  12. Pixman

    Nikon 12x50 Action Binos

    These are sold!
  13. Pixman

    Looking for Coues Antlers

    What condition and how many are you looking for?
  14. Pixman

    WTB Swarovski 15x56 binoculars

    Call Redhawk Rifles out of Colroado and ask for Nick, they will give you a smoking deal! Tell Nick Darren sent you, I just got a pair in the mail yesterday.