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  1. Cazador

    Who is headed to unit 21

    Was planning on hunting the northern part but looks like a LOT of snow so plans have changed and will stay in the south. Good luck!
  2. Cazador

    6a goat

    I drew that same tag last year!
  3. 2016 Unit 6A. Mount N View Taxidermy.
  4. Cazador

    Once in a lifetime last day buck

    Nice deep forked muley!... congrats....
  5. Cazador

    Taylor Takes Her 1st Muley

    Great write up and congrats to your daughter!
  6. Cazador

    196 inch redemption buck

    Very nice muley!
  7. Cazador

    An incredible elk season!

  8. Cazador

    Finally Got a Bull Down!

  9. Cazador

    5A rifle coues advice?

    Yup, that is just south of the Blue Ridge community.
  10. Cazador

    5A rifle coues advice?

    Moqui Draw/Canyon just south & east of the Blue Ridge community. There are several roads from the 87 that go in there. If you cruise the neighborhood there are a lot of whitetail around the cabins. If you can get a good vantage point in the canyon I'm sure you can turn up some coues.
  11. Cazador

    Wyoming Antelope First Timers

    Great writeup and nice goats! I'm very interested in going up to Wyoming for an Antelope hunt. Probably the best tasting game meat there is!
  12. Cazador

    2016 U6A Rifle Antelope

    The big one that got away! He came into ~60 yards after I harvested mine. If I would have waited a few minutes longer he would have bit dust. Hoping for another tag soon!
  13. Cazador

    2016 U6A Rifle Antelope

    There was a bigger one that came in while we were taking pics. I had never seen that buck in the many times I had scouted. I have a video of him. I will get a still pic and post soon.
  14. Cazador

    Good rut???

    I was in 6A two weeks ago after the heavy rains and they were bugling pretty good very early morning. Definitely pre-rut though,but the cooler weather got them going.