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  1. azyoung

    Monday hits

    Cabelas Visa was hit this morning for a couple elk tags.
  2. azyoung

    Ashlyn's 1st spring turkey hunt

    Congratulations Ashlyn I love your hunt story! I’m sure this is the first of many gobblers you will shoot. Great job Dad – you got a great hunting partner! Awesome!!
  3. This might have been posted before but found this scouting this weekend in some back country. I was a little surprised to find a jeep top on this quad track – the trail was sketchy for a quad. Looked liked they rolled – I hope nobody was hurt….Waste of a good sticker.
  4. azyoung

    Swarovski bino's

    Sent my old 10X42 in last year with a scratched eye lens and very dirty. They replaced all lenses and completely cleaned refurbished the binoculars and even replaced my missing eagle at no charge. They looked brand new when I open the box - I believe it took about 3-4 weeks
  5. azyoung

    Draw Results post here

    23 Mule Deer with aznighthawk
  6. azyoung

    Drawing Results Contest "OVER"

    July 22nd - 3:35 PM
  7. azyoung

    Lost bull

    As bad as that thing smelled I was glad to leave it there. Earlier I picked up this bull in the same area. I guess I better figure out what is legal to pick up or leave it alone.
  8. azyoung

    Lost bull

    Went out Sunday to work off some winter fat (beer belly) and found this bull – possibly a lost rifle bull 6x7
  9. azyoung

    CWT Benefits!

    Today on my way to work I was pulled over for having a tire in a bike lane on a residential street – no issue I completely understand the safety concern but when the officer asked what was my best whitetail (from my CWT Sticker) I knew I probably would not get a ticket. We discussed hunt units for few minutes and he gave me a warning. Another CWT member benefit azyoung
  10. azyoung

    **Draw Results**

    BP # 16 for goat rifle bull (2nd in 3 years) Son drew 7 west archery bull azyoung congrats & good luck!
  11. azyoung


    Cannot find any separate stats of US murders (can't spend too much time - at work) but would imagine no less than 1/3 of the total deaths if not more in the US are drug related. Not sure - just a guess. Scary places in both countries – still love Mexico and will continue to travel there until I have a bad experience or get shot
  12. azyoung


    459 per month average is a lot better than the US avg - still pretty scary....... but I still will go fishing in Mexico this May 2006 – 2008 US total murders 74,405 for an average 2066.8 murders per month http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/ucr.htm
  13. azyoung

    First brown of the year

    I agree with Mr. Smith picking up some brown and yet to see an elk. azyoung
  14. azyoung

    Silver Ram

    Now that is funny. Just as she took this picture there was a black SUV like a Toyota or Nissan in the next lane in the same intersection. It had a CouesWhitetail sticker across the windshield. azyoung
  15. azyoung

    Silver Ram

    Wow! How did you get that pic so fast? I noticed your CouesWhitetail sticker just as I passed and tried to wave but was too late. azyoung