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  1. grizzly

    Anyone else do P90X?

    Im in my 4th week and very happy with the results. I still cheat on extra reps and use the pause button alot but the progress is undeniable.
  2. grizzly

    Train to Hunt?

    Anyone else planning on it for 2016?
  3. grizzly


    I believe you are thinking of this:
  4. grizzly

    Shed traps legal?

    Wow shedhunter, sure got your panties bunched up over my question. And thank you for taking my inquiry and extrapolating my personal level of laziness and lack of ethics.
  5. grizzly

    Shed traps legal?

    Did they make baiting illegal? I've never baited but I was under the impression it was legal in Az.
  6. grizzly

    Shed traps legal?

    Thinking of putting out some shed traps, the only mention I could find on the azgf website said to check faq section, went to that page and it said page under revision, does anyone know for certain if a simple antler trap with corn or alfalfa in the middle is legal or not? Thanks.
  7. grizzly

    Poacher! Spread the word!

    And was Al Cowlings involved in some way?
  8. grizzly

    For Sale- Minox 15x58

    Sold to Kenny, thanks.
  9. grizzly

    For Sale- Minox 15x58

    I am in Mesa at Ellsworth and Brown, I can meet you at a reasonable distance if interested.
  10. grizzly

    For Sale- Minox 15x58

    Most of you already know all there is to know about this glass. Come with original (p)leather carry case, tripod adapter, and lens covers. The Outdoorsmans has a used pair for sale right now for $520 plus tax with no accessories, these are a steal at $500. I can text a picture to your phone but dont have my computer working right now. Call or text me quick, these wont last. 480-695-7401, Randy.
  11. grizzly

    tripod stand and bow for sale

    Gonna be a very narrow market for that bow, since its a lefty and an older target bow, recommend try archerytalk.com, they have a left handed section, probably get a bigger section of people to see it.
  12. grizzly

    Desert Buck for next year

    I love seeing deer on the outskirts of town. Had one get hit by a car last year on the 202 and about Greenfield. I heard from two different people about it, went by to try to get the antlers but by the time I got there someone had beat me to it.
  13. grizzly

    Dodge pickup on Beeline

    Could have been me, I was camping with my 5 year old boy up on Mt Ord. Older red diesel with flaking paint?
  14. Two of my brothers hunted 10 last year, got into the minus 20 range. They slept in the suburban with the heat running all night. I say no thank you.
  15. grizzly

    Docter 30x80

    About once a year or so something like this becomes available. These are in very good shape, some small scratches but crystal clear viewing. Ready to hit the mountains. Same as in link below. http://www.eurooptic.com/docter-optic-30x80-binocular-with-hard-case-and-jim-white-mount.aspx If you have used these before I dont need to describe them. $2000, Chandler or Queen Creek. Call or text Colby, 928-853-9109.