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  1. Doggy

    A Great Buck, Bear Cub, and More

    Oh my gosh, you have a ton of different animals on that camera, how long was the time frame from start to finish of all the videos.? Thanks for sharing.
  2. Doggy


    Like Coues120 says, do your research before you get one of these breeds, you have no idea how much energy they have, ours Mt. bikes with us about 30 to 40 miles a week and is ready to go more if we would let her, if you don't have time to train or work these dogs out, they will be destructive, if you do they are the best dogs in the world. Hopefully you find great homes for them.
  3. Doggy

    20 Grays the past 3 weekends

    What do you do with all those Foxes? sell the Fur?
  4. Doggy

    Over the counter tags

    That’s awesome, put a rifle in your hands and you would have been 10 for 10.
  5. Doggy

    Over the counter tags

    Well I’m not saying guys don’t kill Deer with their bows, many do which amazes me because it’s not easy, but there are way more Deer killed with a rifle, it’s so easy you have to move back to 900 yards then start taking pot shots to make it a challenge.
  6. Doggy

    Over the counter tags

    I think you go to all Archery tags and take away your guns, and then see how many Deer are killed, if that's what your trying to accomplish.
  7. Kit Carson RV park has storage, it’s on Route 66 near the Home Depot.
  8. Doggy

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    Awesome buck! were you trying to shoot him in the jugular?
  9. Doggy

    2020 Archery OTC Coues

    Nice buck, good for you. Isn't sleeping over night camping? you can't camp a 1/4 mile from a water tank.
  10. Its always nice to have a spotter, nothing more frustrating then stalking a Deer that got up and moved just after you started after him and you don't know it. Hunt the way you want not the way everybody else wants you to hunt, its tough no matter how you hunt them with a Bow.
  11. Would you take $100.00?

  12. Doggy

    Lower Black River

    Thanks for the report, did you have trouble crossing the River?
  13. Doggy

    Lower Black River

    I'm supposed to go on the 17th, please update us after your trip if you will.
  14. Selling my 2017 Ranger XP Hunter Edition SxS, see the Craigslist add for details https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/snw/d/2017-polaris-ranger-xp-1000/6733504098.html Located in Peoria, Az. Call or Text with any questions 602-525-6818