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  1. Its always nice to have a spotter, nothing more frustrating then stalking a Deer that got up and moved just after you started after him and you don't know it. Hunt the way you want not the way everybody else wants you to hunt, its tough no matter how you hunt them with a Bow.
  2. Would you take $100.00?

  3. Doggy

    Lower Black River

    Thanks for the report, did you have trouble crossing the River?
  4. Doggy

    Lower Black River

    I'm supposed to go on the 17th, please update us after your trip if you will.
  5. Selling my 2017 Ranger XP Hunter Edition SxS, see the Craigslist add for details https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/snw/d/2017-polaris-ranger-xp-1000/6733504098.html Located in Peoria, Az. Call or Text with any questions 602-525-6818
  6. Doggy

    Set of Ping i3 O-size Irons. 4-PW $120

    Will you take $100.00 text me 602-525-6818
  7. 7W Archery Bull tag to be donated, my boy just had twin babies and will not be able to hunt, he would like to donate the tag to a Veteran, anyone with information on who to contact please text him 602-380-6094
  8. Doggy

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    Just curious, why were you calling in bulls on Thursday?
  9. Doggy

    More trail camera thief's...

    Yeah, doesn't look like much of a road, I was thinking they were just driving around in the woods and came across your cameras.
  10. Doggy

    More trail camera thief's...

    Is that a road right next to your cameras?
  11. Doggy

    dirt work preparation for yard rock?

    Sent you a PM
  12. Doggy

    Lee's Ferry Mid June/Early July

    I have never had a problem leaving my truck at the ramp, as far as Lures we used 90% of the time Mepps spinners, Gold blade, Black body with Yellow dots, or Gold Z Rays.
  13. Doggy

    Day One Results

    Cabelas card is always a couple of days behind, charge showed up this am, going Archery Bull hunting
  14. Doggy

    Now What . . .

    My Boy did this a few years back, recovered the Pig, I would have never did that.
  15. Doggy

    i am looking for a toyota tacoma for sale

    There has been a Blue one parked on the corner on 83rd ave. just north of Pinnacle Peak rd. for a few days now, looks like an 08, I don't know any details on it, just an FYI.
  16. Doggy

    Propane tank certification

    I got my small tanks re certified for $5.00 each, the 5 Gal. I think is just easier to exchange out, but go through all of the tanks and get the newest one.
  17. Doggy

    WTB Canyon Cooler

    Lifetime Warranty?? it said on the sticker on my coolers 4 years
  18. Doggy

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD Binoculars

    I'll take the Decoy, PM sent
  19. Doggy

    First trip with the new tent

    Just bought the 10 X 14 and used it last weekend, excellent tent and very easy to put up.
  20. Doggy

    Opinions on coolers

    I bought Canyon Coolers for all my kids for Christmas last year and out of the 4, 1 has delaminated, 2 leak from the drain spout, Canyon replaced the one that delaminated but not before drilling me on how long I owned it, where did I buy it, etc. (I said dude, the cooler has not even been used yet) I have not contacted them about the drain spouts yet, so far not real impressed with them.
  21. Doggy

    Archery buffalo Updated with video

    Nice Shot!! Going to NM in Oct. of next year, gonna try and get it done with the Bow as well. Congrats to your Son.
  22. Doggy

    2010 Ranger XP 800

  23. Doggy

    2010 Ranger XP 800

    2010 Ranger XP 800 542 Hours Tilt wheel Aluminum roof HID headlights in place of factory lights 2 HID lights mounted on front bumper LED dome lights for cab and rear bed Vinyl windshield and rear window Storage bag for rear of cab Runs perfect, in excellent condition No Trades $6,800.00 Call or Text 602-525-6818