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  1. reddog

    Crispi boot recommendations

    Love my Nevada's!
  2. reddog

    How bout them Devils!

    ASU basketball fans talking crap about AZ basketball...really? That said I hope ASU does well to represent the PAC. REDDOG
  3. reddog

    Backpack suggestions

    Stone Glacier is worth a look, but not cheap!
  4. reddog

    Vegas Superbowl Weekend

    check out VRBO for the Signature Suites at the MGM. Really nice and you can get a 2 room suite with 2 bedrooms to cut down on price.
  5. reddog

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    Both of my kids are right handed and left eye dominant, I have them both shoot left handed and it has worked out well for them. I started them shooting bows and guns around age 8. I think the earlier they start the better! Good Luck
  6. reddog

    need optic advise

    What about the Lecia Binos in 15's
  7. reddog

    Nockturnal Bucks

    I'm a little slow on the uptake!! REDDOG
  8. reddog

    Nockturnal Bucks

    So AZDiamond heat said they would be back out on Sept 16th? My question is why? Everything I see regarding the moon phase says its just an ok day. I know the moonrise was at 2:23 Am, set was 4:20PM and overhead was 9:24 AM. So what am I missing? I am just trying to learn not trying to be a jerk. REDDOG
  9. reddog

    Auction/Raffle Tags

    Post the official score sheet and move on! REDDOG
  10. reddog

    A GREAT video ...

    Powerful Stuff Thanks for sharing
  11. reddog


    AZLance, I took a look at the Buckeye site. How does this work everything I see says 2 mile range. Do you put up a bunch of repeaters if you nee longer distance. I have used cell cam's in the past but as you know the problem is cell service. I would love to know more about how this works. REDDOG
  12. reddog


    My lab has bad allergies and takes Apoquel, I think that's how you spell it. But I call it the miracle drug. May want to check it out REDDOG
  13. reddog

    Looking for kids boots

    I have some kids boots at home that have been outgrown, I will check on size when I get home. If it works out I'm on the east side of Tucson REDDOG
  14. reddog

    2016 Rut Activity

    II was in 33 yesterday, saw couple of little bucks chasing, but the best buck I saw, mid 80's type of buck, was near the does but did not show any real interest in them REDDOG
  15. reddog

    Gunna Get him this year

    I bet there is a pattern. Take good notes, does he come from a certain direction based on the wind that day, does he always leave the bowl into the wind? I would look for those type of things. Good LUCK!! reddog