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  1. Stud buck fo'sho...Just a guess? on the low end 119 on the high end 122+ Congratulations to the hunter!
  2. venadito

    New Redwing Irish Setter hunting boots $75

    I will take them. can you text me and we can meet 5209049793
  3. Can you text me your number so I can call you? I'm here in Tucson. My brother-in law is interested in buying your rifle. 520-904-9793 Thank you!
  4. venadito


    Is there a way you can text me some info on these 520-904-9793? Thank you!
  5. venadito

    Minox 15x58 Binoculars

    Is there a way that you can send these pictures to my phone? 520-904-9793 Interested in these!
  6. venadito

    Custom Winchester model 70 25 wssm

    Hey Couesman... My name is Sergio...I will buy your rifle package...Can you give me a call so we could set up the details...520-850-0084...Thx!
  7. venadito

    20 gauge or .410

    What happened? You were supposed to buy my shotgun, remember? Well it is still for sale if you want it same price...Let me know...520--850-0084...In Tucson...
  8. venadito

    Wanted youth shotgun

    Hey Teo.... I may have what you're looking for text me or call me 520-850-0084. I am also in Tucson.
  9. venadito

    Eberlestock gunslinger 2

    Interested in your pack. You can text or call me at 520-850-0084. I am in Tucson where are you. Thx!
  10. venadito


    Hello Azruger....Give me a call or text 520-850-0084...I'm Sergio btw.
  11. venadito

    Youth liscence and hunt question

    He is considered youth going in during the draw and will still be legal after he turns 18. I was told that by a GF employee(officer). You will not be cited for being 18 and hunting the youth hunt. You don't need to buy him a new license. I hope this helps.
  12. venadito


    Hey SYD34... I am in Tucson...Can you call me tomorrow or text me would like to talk to you about your Colt...520-850-0084...I asked a couple of friends to give you my message...(don't know if they did or not) Thank you...hope to hear from you.
  13. venadito

    Panthers vs Broncos SB

    I'm sorry but the game was over right after the singing of the National Anthem...
  14. venadito

    SOLD-Remington 7 Ultra Mag-**PRICE DROP**

    Can you text me #520-850-0084...Thx! I am in Tucson.
  15. venadito

    Gone. Thanks.

    Can you please call me or text me at #520-850-0084...Thx!