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  1. Antmo23

    Is a .243 enough for a cow hunt?

    My son has the same hunt and is also using a 243. I just plan on getting him as close as possible and only taking a broadside shot. Using the Hornady Superformance SSTs, hes able to stack them side by side. Wish he was comfortable with a larger caliber, but it is what it is.
  2. Waaay late, but is this thing still available?
  3. It's a bot fly larva. Harmless and doesn't effect the meat.
  4. Antmo23

    Pinal fire

    Going to be some dang good hunting in that burn this fall and next.
  5. Antmo23

    Coues cape for sale

    Sold pending funds.
  6. Antmo23

    Coues cape for sale

    I've got a cape off of this years buck for sale. I kept it for some taxidermist was asking for them before the season but I cant remember his name at the moment. Anyways, its taking up friedge space so It's gotta go, first $40 takes it, pics of the buck added.
  7. Antmo23

    Optimum Coues Cartridge?

    I shoot a 300 WM pushing 180 TTSX. I like the set up but I'm wanting an ultra lightweight Coues gun for packing in on a pack hunt. Im leaning towards a 6.5 CM, but the 6.5 GAP, 6.5-06, and the 264 WM all have what I'm looking for.
  8. Antmo23

    A Very Superstitious Deer Hunt

    This sounds like my hunt, tons of does, but only 2 bucks. Made it happen on the 3rd.
  9. Antmo23

    Last Grizzly in AZ

    I remember reading sometning about the last grizzly called Old Mos or something. I used to work for Wide World of Maps and read just about every book they had on Az history, but that was many beers ago...
  10. Antmo23

    Kuiu Icon Pro vs. Outdoorsman Optics Pack

    I have the 1850 and I love it but I'm looking to upgrade to the 3200.
  11. Antmo23

    Results are out

    I got archery pig, going to see if I can snag a leftover for 18B too!
  12. Antmo23

    Propane lantern

    Pics? And where you located?
  13. Antmo23

    "Good to a thousand" mentality??

    I shot out to 1040 yards on the first hunt this year. Hit what I aiming at on the second shot. Was amazing to be able to pull off that shot at such an extreme distance! The math involved and precision craftsmanship of that rifle and scope, was amazing! I was shooting at a rock by the way, not a deer.
  14. Antmo23

    Damned coons

    Saw a dead one southbound on the 51,north of Glendale ave today.