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  1. Looking to buy Winchester 300 Win. Mag. and wanted to know others opinion. Thanks.
  2. CNE ELK

    unit 33 scouting

    Northern or Southern part of 33?
  3. Amanda, make sure he gets the dual bag variety.
  4. Remember Guys, If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
  5. CNE ELK


    Life is all about making memories. You certainly made a special one for yourself and your girls.
  6. CNE ELK

    Win a Covert II Trail Camera!!

    1500. If I win, I must thanks my wife a math teacher.
  7. CNE ELK


    Unit 33 . Thanks for the suggestion J. W. Hope we can both get one. NF
  8. CNE ELK


    AZ4LIFE Live in the area of Frontier School in Peoria? Would love to talk hunting with you since you are BMOB (Big Man On Board)
  9. CNE ELK

    wifes gonna kill me

    One of my favorite quotes seems to fit in this situation... "If Mama ain't happy...Nobody's happy" Could we be seeing the 15X60's in WTC classified section soon?
  10. CNE ELK

    long long distance shooting

    Thanks Kelbro for the info. My intention was not to get into a ethical debate of taking an animal with a .243 at 1000 yards. I think that reasonable and responsible hunters will stay within their skills while hunting. Just sounded like some information that was interesting. Hopefully if anything, it will make those of us that use a .243 to see what is and what is not within an ethical range. Your chart points it out exactly. So for all my CWT brothers and sisters, I hearby promise not to calulate in the field any ballistics that would endanger any low flying border patroling aircraft. 70+ days until my hunt. Still time to practice my 300 yard shots at the range. This is one hunter that knows his limits. Thanks guys.
  11. CNE ELK

    Unit 36c November

    Ernesto, Sounds like I am talking to the Godfather of 36C. I don't know about you knowing this area like the back or your hand...I want to pick your brain. I haven't hunted in this unit for quite some time. Maybe we can PM each other with important details. My approximate area is North of Santa Margarita and South of Brown Canyon. We set up a base camp pretty high. We usually go a day or two before the hunt to get set up. That's why we take water in on our scouting trips. I was last in this area about 6 years ago. Lots of shin diggers and steep mountains. I go 300 lbs. so my progress up the hills is slow. I know it will be worth it.
  12. CNE ELK

    Unit 36c November

    Ernesto, I hope I am worthy of using Stanley's and your tag this Dec. I will let you know if it brought me good luck or if I'll have to give it back to you next year. It has been a while since I've got to use it. My partner and I will be high on the hill at our base camp. We will be looking over a big valley and glassing the North side of a hill at sun up. Hopefully it won't be to long before I bend your tag over a set on nice horns. I promise to send Stanley and you a picture of your tag so you can see that it was put to good use. Seriously, have you hunted 36C much? Any other advice?
  13. CNE ELK

    Unit 36c November

    Stanley, I sympathize with you about me getting "your" tag. Someone else has gotten my tag the last 4 years. I am scouting the area with my hunting partner in early Dec. before the actual hunt. We plan on hauling in some water and stashing it at our camp site on top of one of the "hills". We both have Swaroskis 15X60 so hopefully we will be able to see many ghost during the hunt. You mentioned that you saw deer lower. Does the rut move deer to lower elevations? I am not an expert on these deer by any means. I guess that I would be more knowledgeable if I had been hunting these last 4 years.
  14. CNE ELK

    Unit 36c November

    I have the Dec 36C hunt. For those of you that have hunted this alot, would the same hold true for me as well? Get high and glass? Does the rut put deer more in the flats than on the top of the mtns? I am suspecting that movement of the deer due to the rut is my Dec. advantage. Any comments?