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  1. I killed this buck with my 4 year old son by my side during the opening morning of the general rifle hunt. We were late getting out of the cabin by about an hour but it all worked out. As we were working our way to our glassing spot we found this guy hanging out near the road. Having my son with me during this hunt was by far my best experience in the field.
  2. 6ANut

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Awesome job and way to stick with it. Thanks for the play by play and as mentioned that's not a spike. That's the best eating two point you will ever have.
  3. 6ANut

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Good luck buddy
  4. 6ANut

    2021 Wyoming Antelope

    Good luck Adam
  5. 6ANut

    6a Halloween Buck

    That was the 2nd shot. The first shot was the good old texas heart shot and broke his back. He was heading up the hill and didn't see me getting another chance. 7mm mag that I won as a door prize a few years back. Shooting remington balstic tip ammo I think. I'm not even sure if they make it any more but I loved the ammo and bought like 10 boxes.
  6. 6ANut

    6a Halloween Buck

    My little ones Bailey and Archer.
  7. 6ANut

    6a Halloween Buck

    Hey everyone sorry I haven't posted on here for a bit as my work and family life has picked up. I haven't been draw for a rifle hunt in about 5 years or so but have been helping out Tom Wagner on some veteran hunts. I finally got drawn and it was our second choice 6a mule deer. On the second day just at opening light I was able to harvest this magnificent buck for the unit. The weather being so dry we knew some good bucks had been hitting this water source as it was the only water around. I caught him moving from water to his bed and at about 175 yards I dropped him in his tracks.
  8. 6ANut

    Cabelas Euro/ Meopta 15x56 HD binos $1000

    Great glass and a heck of a deal. You won't be disappointed
  9. My buddy is selling these. Brand new and never been used Nikon monarch 5's. 20x56. Live in the north valley but will travel a bit if needed. Contact me if interested
  10. 6ANut

    The First of Many

    Congrats Bryan what a pig.
  11. 6ANut

    Garmin Rhino 655T

    Dam nice find
  12. Same thing in my area I'm near the I 17 and Jomax.
  13. 6ANut

    Need another pair of eyes?

    heros rising outdoors. I get to go hunting every year now, helping out a vet. get ahold of Tom Wagner he is on here and fb. I will be in 6a all hunting season.
  14. 6ANut

    What is your dream/bucket list hunt?

    Roaring red stag in NZ or peacock bass in some sweet butt jungle.
  15. 6ANut

    Steven Rinella

    Like Casey and I talked about I was hoping for a more of AZ based show. I mean his brother was pretty funny but talking about thunder chickens and eating placenta or drinking breast milk was unexpected. Let's talk about all the hunting options we have in Arizona.