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  1. mpriest

    28 Nosler Brass

  2. mpriest

    28 Nosler Brass

  3. mpriest

    28 Nosler Brass

  4. mpriest

    28 Nosler Brass

  5. mpriest

    28 Nosler Brass

    Will trade for 195 Berger EOLs or local Annealing services
  6. mpriest

    28 Nosler Brass

    125 pieces of 1x fired Nosler brand brass. Bought these off of here but found some new ADG brass instead. I never reloaded them. I made a modified case out of one that’s included. There tumbled and decapped. $150. Flagstaff
  7. I’ve heard that’s why you want to find a node and try to load in the middle of it. That way if there are slight variations in powder charge, temps etc then your velocity will stay more or less consistent
  8. IDK. It was a copy and paste email sent to all three. Figured I’d double check the info I got here.
  9. Thanks for the info. Those powder charges match better than what Hodgdon sent me.
  10. Thanks. Hodgdon gave me a max load of 69.5 for the 180 VLDs. Seems low to me. Berger was at 77.1 for max.
  11. I’m starting load development for my 28 Nosler using H1000 powder. I plan to try 180gn Berger VLD, 195gn Berger EOL and 175gn Hornady ELD-X. I emailed Berger, Hornady and Hodgdon for their load data from them. Hornady told me to buy their book. The data that Hodgdon send me for min and max loads was 10gn lower than the data by Berger. Through some searching the min/max data by Berger seems more correct. Does anyone have load books for these bullet/ powder combos that they could message me or post. If it matters I’ll be using Federal 215 primers and ADG brass. TIA
  12. I used Owens Armory in Chino Valley for my last build. I’m sure some others will chime in if your from the Valley
  13. mpriest

    Primers wanted

    https://www.natchezss.com/reloading/primer/cci-standard-primers-br2-large-rifle-1000ct just bought 2k LRMP from them this month and they were great to work with
  14. mpriest

    300 wsm load development

    After reading this I was curious about my bullets. I’ve been gathering reloading supplies where I can for a 28 Nosler build I have but haven’t been able to shoot yet. I can’t find primers. I bought 175 grain ELD-X and 180 grain VLD hunting to try. I measured from Ogive to the base of the bullet using 10 random bullets from the same boxes. I found the opposite with my ELD X bullets being more consistent. I wonder if the thickness of the jacket on the base of the bullet in my lot might be inconsistent. Guess I won’t know for sure until I actually load some rounds. Used Sinclair comparator with a Mitutoyo caliper. Heres my measurements for what it’s worth. I also measured my new brass out of curiosity.
  15. mpriest

    New build actions

    I agree. I went with a Defiance action for my 28 Nosler build as well.