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  1. I'm listing this for a friend. Browning left handed X-bolt in 7mm Rem Mag, Has Swaro Z5I 5-25x52 scope mounted with a turret for 175gr core-lock bullets 1600 please, Please contact Kelly text only
  2. 429mike

    New build actions

    If your hanging out with lance and having Eric build your rifles you might as well put your order in for you next rifle parts now. Much easier to explain to the wife! I have few Axisworks rifles and you made the right choice with the custom action and gunsmith for the build, cant wait to see.
  3. 429mike

    Found one

    I have a T/C pro hunter encore with a Nikon muzzy scope on it I would entertain selling.
  4. 429mike

    6.5 creemoor loads

    H4350 at 41gr got me 2630fps in my 22inch proof sub half moa group. My needmore really shines with R26, its pushing the 140 eld-m sub half moa at 2750.
  5. 429mike

    Garmin Xero Chrono

    Just ordered mine from Scheels on line this morning, Showed they just got some in stock. All the reviews have been impressive compared to the other chrono's out there so far.
  6. 429mike


    I have one if you are interested that I don't use anymore. pm me
  7. 429mike

    CCI 250's Needed

    Thanks everyone that offered, i think i got it worked with a few members to get some
  8. 429mike

    CCI 250's Needed

    Sounds fair to me, pm in bound
  9. 429mike

    CCI 250's Needed

    I can always make that trip if need be.
  10. 429mike

    CCI 250's Needed

    Need to see if anyone has a few hundred CCI 250's I can trade for or buy. I have Federal 215's to trade
  11. 429mike

    New Mexico draw

    I couldn't even get drawn in the outfitter draw. NM hates me
  12. 429mike


    Pm inbound
  13. 429mike


    Would you happen to be interested in a trade. I have a brick of federal large rifle magnum 215 primers that I would trade.