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  1. 429mike

    WTB 7mm Remington brass

    I will take the 99 hornady brass from you SO I HUNT
  2. 429mike

    85 Chevy C10

    Who makes the instrument cluster you have and how hard was it to wire to the truck. I have an 82 k10 I would like replace mine in
  3. 429mike

    WTS or WTT Hornany ELD-X Bullets

    If the sale falls through let me know, I'm in AJ just north of you and will take them
  4. 429mike

    6.5 eld-m available online

    I just bought 4 boxes of this ammo last weekend for 31 a box at an Attwoods store in Ok not to far from Stillwater, was nice to see normal ammo prices
  5. 429mike

    New Mexico results

    Just like Az not a darn thing
  6. 429mike

    Hornady 6.5 143 gr ELD-X Projectiles for Trade

    I would take a few of the 6.5 projectiles also if your willing to sell
  7. 429mike

    Proof 277 carbon barrel blank

    Very tempting! Wish it was sendero light and 24in. Good luck with the sale
  8. 429mike

    Rem Sendero 22-250

    I might be interested in rifle if you separate and sell scope
  9. 429mike

    H1000- 8lb. Jug 275.00 - SPF

    I will take it if we can find a way to meet up
  10. 429mike

    Adding inverter to toyhauler

    You can take it to Rowley White in east mesa or if you want someone to come to you try Blue Agave mobile RV repair.
  11. 429mike

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    Man seeing the videos getts my blood pumping. Going out on a 6pak boat josie lynn out of san diego this saturday, hope we have some luck. Ive only ever fished the big boats with lots of idiots so only having 5 other people to contend with should be great! Not to mention we are all friends
  12. 429mike

    Bell and carlson

  13. 429mike

    Bell and carlson

    Bell and carlson m40 savage short action bottom bolt release stock was on a 10tgrey with black web,has never been bedded was only 175