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  1. 429mike


    Pm inbound
  2. 429mike


    Would you happen to be interested in a trade. I have a brick of federal large rifle magnum 215 primers that I would trade.
  3. 429mike

    ISO 6.5 CREEDMORE 140/143

    Shoppers in AJ did not have any on Sunday when I was there. All the 6.5 PRC was gone that was posted. Only around 20 to 30 boxed of 300 PRC was left on the shelf. they do have a bunch of the 7mm 162 eld-x and 6.5 143 eld-x and 140 eld-m projectiles on the shelf
  4. 429mike

    Retumbo for sale (Tucson)

    75 dollars a pound on a local pick up hurts. I want some Retumbo but not that bad
  5. 429mike


    I will take it if we can meet up! my wife has been wanting something like this for awhile
  6. 429mike

    NEW 28 Nosler!!! SOLD Please Delete

    Looks like someone is getting a nice rifle. Definitely going to be a shooter since Eric put it together
  7. 429mike

    New build actions

    My vote is spend the few extra dollars for the custom action and get it nitrate coated and never look back. You wont regret it.
  8. 429mike


    Im interested in the retumbo, if your willing to seperate?
  9. 429mike

    Gunwerks G7 BR2

    I have one I would be interested in selling as I stepped up to the revic4 and no longer need
  10. 429mike

    ISO 28 Nosler

    Sent a text about one im having built right now that will be for sale
  11. 429mike

    Hodgdon powder

    I will take seconds on the h1000 if it falls through
  12. 429mike

    Powder for sale/trade

    Do you make it to phx I have an unopened 8# jug of r26 and im interested in your h1000
  13. 429mike

    Need Help.. Missed biggest deer of my life

    Did you field verify the info the range finder was giving you before season. Im curious how you switched it from the 300 profile to the creedmore one so fast as mine takes an eternity. 1. did you have the right profile loaded? 2. is all the info correct in the rangefinder? G1 vs G7 and scope height
  14. I was camped in La siesta campground by the gentleman who reported the Ak-47 shooting south of Arivaca. He was hunting with his 2 young sons when it happened. We only seen 2 illegals ourselves but we did notice more then usual people putting water out for them.
  15. 429mike

    WTB 7mm Remington brass

    I will take the 99 hornady brass from you SO I HUNT