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    Sold Vortex Razor 85 MM Sold

    Bump with last price drop
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    Sold Vortex Razor 85 MM Sold

    Bump withnprice drop
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    Price dropPrice drop bump
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    ISO Swarovski 15x56 HD!!!!!

    Mine are ready for you $2000. Heck I will go $1999
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    Sold Vortex Razor 85 MM Sold

    Brand New scope.
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    I have a brother that lives in Phoenix if anyone wants a FTF transaction.
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    I have a brand new set of Swarovski 15x56 HD SLC’s that I took on trade. I have no need for them. Looking to get $1950 buyer pays shipping
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    just got new toy

    OP did you have the Outdoorsmans stud installed to use the adapter and pistol grip?
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    First time calling

    So now I have a few questions. The fox pro loops the sound do I let it just do its thing or mute it every so often? I have done it both ways and had success. Most of the time I only turn the volume up and down the only pause would be muting it to select a different call. Sometimes I will let the call play for 3-4 minutes and pause for 30 seconds. I personally don't think this matters all that much and it's up to what you want to do. It seemed annoying it just kept going. How long do you let it play and how long do u keep it quiet? Same as above Also the fox came in around me and never came back I'm assuming he went behind to wind the call before getting close and maybe he winded us? That would be my guess as well. For myself I never put the caller more then 25-30 yds away and most the time it's 10-20 yds. And finally most important what sounds do you use? My current favorites in no particular order are: Baybee cottontail, Cottontail Distress 1, DSG Cottontail and Waning Snowshoe. I agree with the post above and don't be afraid to se a call even if they don't exist in the area your hunting. Try Waning snowshoe or one of the other snowshoe calls from FoxPro I bet you would be surprised.
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    Awesome day of calling Long Read w/pics

    If you mean the one in the last pic that is my buddy and his rifle. He uses the Stoney point rapid pivot bi pod and is trying to switch me over. I am a fan of the snipe styx.
  14. Well after the double I had called in the weekend before my blood was pumping and I have switch full coyote mode. I love predator calling more then anything else. If I could only hunt one type of animal the rest of my life and had to choose it would be predators. Nothing gets the blood pumping like having them come to the call. So I got with a buddy that is really into calling as well and that I have never been predator hunting with. We have done some big game, but haven't had the chance to hunt coyotes yet. We met up by my house at 4 AM to start our drive for the day. Our first stand was the same one I have called many times and call coyotes about 75% of the time. This time was one of the 25% as we didn't even get a response. No big deal the sun was just barely peeking over the mountains and we had all day. Second stand is another one that I call coyotes 50% of the time or better. We had been calling for about 18 min and my buddy decided to call it. So he stands up and I am just kind of looking around. I hear him trying to get my attention as he is about 15 yds to my right. He says there is a coyote coming up the valley out of a river bottom to us. I look through my binos and spot not one, but 2 coyotes coming towards us. My buddy starts a pup distress and they get a little more excited and start heading towards our downwind side. I am pretty sure they saw my buddy when he stood up because they started to swing wide to our right. They went up a ridge and one of the coyotes at 200 yds started to walk away from us. My buddy couldn't see them as he was tucked behind a little hill out of sight. I figured it was now or never and shot the big male that was standing on the ridge. After the shot the other kicked it into overdrive and we had several close shots, but didn't connect. Second stand and called a double and got one not to bad. We continue on our path to another good spot and end up drawing a blank on the third stand. Our fourth stand is one that I have called 4 times and am batting 100% so I told my buddy we can't ruin the streak. He says fine then your running the FoxPro this time. I said ok. We got settled in to our spot and I started up the call. I think I started with Bay Bee cottontail and after a few minutes I switched to DSG Cottontail. At about 10 minutes I decide to switch to Waning Snow Shoe. I don't think the call had played 1 minute and my buddy said there is a pair of coyotes coming way out there. I spot the pair out about 800 yds. The first one is hard charging and the second is hanging back a ways and sitting down every once in awhile. We have a little ravine in front of us and they both finally disappear behind the hill in front of us. We get situated to where we think they are going to come over the hill. I tell my buddy to let the first one come in as far as possible to let the back one to catch up. Well the first one comes over the hill at about 50 yds and comes in a little to our right to try and wind the sound. That ends up putting him about 5 yds below us as he runs by going to the call. I was waiting for my buddy to shoot, but he had sage in his way and didn't. The coyote almost touched the call before he winded it and turned around and headed out. He got out to about 25 yds and I put one in him and he started to do the death spin. I immediately with my buddy turned to look for the second coyote. He never came over the ridge in front of us. A few seconds later he came flying out from behind the ridge about 150 yds out and hauling a$$. We shot a few times with no success. Oh well 4 stands and two doubles called in and 2 coyotes down. Well on our way we go. We make one more stand with no luck. We were saying going into our 6th stand that we should be calling in a coyote as every other stand we were calling something in. So we are making our way into the stand and about 20 yds from where we are going to set up and start calling. I look over to my left and I see a coyote about 200 yds out slowly walking away from us. I got excited dropped to my knee and started shooting. I rushed the shot and shot low. The coyote took off running and over the hill. If I was thinking straight I would of just dropped where we were as I don't believe the coyote had seen us and started calling him. Oh well 6 stands and 5 coyotes seen and shot at. Good day. We decide that area was not worth calling right then and decided to leave to another stand and call it again on the way back. We call two more stands with no luck. Then we get the pleasure of calling in a herd of about 40 elk that were just cruising around in the desert with no cover into about 15 yds. We had a little sage to hide behind and my buddy started the FoxPro with some elk mew's. It didn't take but half a second and the lead cow was running right for us. A few seconds later the rest of the herd was right behind her. There was a nice 6 point bull and a few rag horns in the group. Took a picture of them through my binos when we first saw them. After they got to us. You can see the same tree in both pics. This is pretty much the end of where we have called before and new territory. We decide we would have better luck going back to a few stands we didn't call on our way due to people being in there or wind not right. So we get back to basically where we had called in the last double earlier that morning. We pass up the spot by about 1 mile and find another good canyon to call. We get set up and basically the spot looks identical to the spot we called in the double. We start calling and I figured I would try the same call that I had called in the last double. After a few minutes I switch to something else. About 8-10 minutes into the call my buddy says I see some coyotes coming. I got orientated to where they were coming in from. He said I see two and then I said I see three. I couldn't believe it. Only bad part about it was they were strung out pretty good again. First one was a hard charger and so was the second. Third stayed back a ways. At about 200 yds out the second coyote broke a hard right to try and come in down wind of us. The first coyote got to about 50 yds out and I am pretty sure he saw us because he just dropped right in his tracks and I told my buddy to take him. At the shot the second coyote was about 150 yds to our right and I had no shot as my partner was to my right. He swung and shot a few times, but no luck on the far running shots that day. So we had called in 2 sets of double's and a triple and stumbled upon another coyote walking into a stand. 3 Coyotes down. I have had better days where I have shot 5 coyotes in a day and I had a day where I called in 6 coyotes on one stand. This however was the first day I had called in that many doubles and triples. It will be a hard day to beat, but I am going to try my hardest.
  15. jarheadhunter

    WY Double

    Went to visit some family and my old stomping grounds in WY over the 1-3 of Nov. and we went out and did a little calling. Our first stand was about 30-45 min after light. We set up over looking a nice valley that had quake and pines in it and a sage flat. Sun was at our back and has a slight cross wind. I take my CS-24 out about 20 yds and go to start the first sequence. Nothing happens. I was thinking my batteries might be dead, but I had just charged them the night before. So I try and mess around with the mute and other buttons and nothing happens. So I say screw it and pull out my Rubber Rabbit call from Kerry Carver. I learned a long time ago never go out to a stand with just your e caller and no mouth calls. I start whaling away on the rubber rabbit. After about 10 min and my 6-7th sequence I see a magpie fly over the hill to our left about 800 yds out. I always watch birds and where they come from. Not even 1 min later I see a flash of white coming through the sage. Then I see another. I tell my step dad and get his eyes on them. We were both facing about 30 deg off from where they were going to come in. I tell him as soon as they dropped behind a little hill about 150 yds out to swing on them. They drop out of sight and we swing to where they will come over the hill. I tell him he can shoot the first one and he said ok I will shoot the one on the left. He had a 22-250 and I had my AR15. I knew I could get a running coyote easier then he could. They come up over the hill about 100 yds out and come straight at us. I had the call in my mouth just lightly blowing on it. When the get to about 70 yds and are about to start coming up the hill we are setting on my step dad fires and smokes the Big Male on the left. At the shot the female takes off hard right and I swing on her and shoot once and hit right behind her. I give a little more lead and drop her on the second shot. Great way to start off the day. We ended up calling 4 more stands with no luck and then we got stuck and wasted the rest of the day. Oh well I will take one double any day.