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  1. Pat

    Cold weather tent camping

    I keep the propane tank inside the tent to help keep it from freezing when it gets below half full. Works good for me. Pat
  2. Pat

    Backpacking Sleeping bag recommendations

    I have the same bag and my only complaint about it is the zipper binding up. That gets pretty old. Pat
  3. I'm guessing people sell them because they hold their value better than most and brand "x" is a hard pill to swallow when selling.
  4. Pat

    Question about knife steel

    They are both good, I believe D2 is more likely to rust. Pat
  5. Pat

    Show low fishing

    We did very well at Show Low lake last week casting small crappie jigs. Bass, walleye, and trout. We had a boat. If I had to walk the bank I'd throw a crappie jig and small jerk bait. Hope you get into them-Pat
  6. Pat

    Apache lake?

    You can camp on the shore at Crabtree by the marina, also Burnt Corral and Three Mile wash you can camp on the water. Water level is way up so I'd recommend Crabtree. Pretty central on the lake. Good luck! Pat
  7. Pat

    Yeti or canyon cooler

    I have an Rtic 65. It took about 5 months to get, I wasn't in a hurry. It seems very well built but heavy like most of the other high end brands. Seems much bigger than my Coleman Extremes. We'll see how it holds up over the years, so far I really like it. -Pat
  8. Pat

    Rim road 300 open?

    Just got off the phone with Forest Service and they told me the roads will all be open on Wednesday this week.
  9. Pat

    Recommend me a tent

    I've been through a bunch of cheaper tents and finally got the bigger kodiak. For sure a high quality tent and should last a long time. I'm 6'5" and being able to finally stand up in a tent is almost worth the price alone. -Pat
  10. Pat

    Best Tires

    I really like the Goodyear Duratrac's I have on my truck right now. A little noisier than the BFG AT but also more aggressive.
  11. Pat

    Whats in your holster ?

    I have one of the earlier M&P 9's, the only thing I don't like about it is the magazine disconnect. I don't think the newer ones have them anymore. Other than that it works just as good as my Glocks and is American made, hard to beat. Pat
  12. Pat

    "Father Son Day" Elk Hunt 2012

    I remember Greg, used to work with some of his buddies at Discount tire. congrats to him and the other guys on some great bulls!-Pat
  13. Pat

    thoughts on new coconino road rules

    Wow, thanks for the info. I guess it was a bad year to break my femur. I'm really bummed about all the camping spots only being accessible by foot. Time to scope out some new spots
  14. Pat

    thoughts on new coconino road rules

    I'm lost here guys, I called in and recieved my map but I'm not seeing the closures. Is it the black and white striped roads? Maybe they didn't send me the most current map?
  15. Pat

    NHRA Race @ Firebird

    Yes sir I'll be out there working out of the Goodyear trailer, should be a good weekend for racing, -Pat