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Benelli Supernova 12ga AND ammo $900 OBO

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If you would take my $400.00 offer, would you consider a trade? I have a Ruger Red Label, I will trade you for the Red Label and you pay me $4000.00. Ill toss in a box of bird shot as well if you meet me half way. LMK

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5 hours ago, Alex-Trump2024 said:

I found it offensive he deleted my post. We were on a roll about bags O dicks and douchery. Was a bit fun actually. Somebody probably got butt hurt about the Asian dick and reported us 🙄


That’s one heck of an enticing offer, let me ask my daddy if he is ok with that and get back to you. He is currently eating a bag of teeny tiny wittle baby dicks 😉

I was wondering what happened to the thread. I didnt get to see it after my last post but it had lots of potential, came back a few hours later and poof someone took there fairy wand and rainbow-ed it to a safe place.


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Alex knows exactly why it was deleted because I sent him a note, and it wasn't because of all the "crap talking" (Seriously???  If that was the case, there would be about 50% less threads here... 🙄). 

Simple:  F-bombs get nuked.  Anyone who's been here very long knows that's how Amanda wants it, and new-comers should know because they would have seen the rules when they open the account.



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