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bow, releases, miscellaneous items price reduction

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Because of health reasons I am getting rid of my archery stuff. I won't ship but if it doesn't cost more in gas than what I am asking for an item I can meet in the Avondale area or you can pick up at my house. I live in the Tonopah area. 

Obsession Turmoil, right hand, 26.5-30" draw length, 50-60 lb, Americas Best strings installed by Ross Outdoors a couple of months ago, ripcord rest, Montana Black Gold sight. soft case. I believe it is the Ascent but possibly another model. Been too many years. 5th pin is a slider. Still have most of the sight tapes.  Added one more pin because I am not a slider fan.  I have chrono'd this bow over 285fps with a 390 grain arrow.  Tru Glo  arrow quiver. $500

Spot Hogg 7 pin sight. Optics aren't as bright as they once were. Sight ring has been painted on. $75

Black Gold 4 pin sight.  $60

Releases, T handle styles $70 each. Scott Longhorn, 2x HTM index finger releases. These are my hunting releases. i use one as a back up, Carter Squeeze Me. This one has been laying around for a long time but I think it's still good. Spot Hogg Saturday Night Special, Spot Hogg Whippersnapper

Short and Sweet and I think a Scott Silverhorn......$60

Miscellaneous tools....Bowmaster portable press with 2 different style of brackets, Outer Limits D loop pliers, scale, some nocks....$50

Plano hardcase....measured it at 16x41"......$25

Arizona EZ Fletcher 3" helical.....$30 each

Arrow rests....Quad dropaway, toughman style rest, savage magnetic, Trophy Ridge whisker bisquit style rest......$50. I use the toughman as a backup on hunts.



If anything is bought and you find fault with it I will give you your money back if it is in the same condition as it was when sold.






















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5 hours ago, CGow said:

Did the arrow saw end up getting sold? If not I’ll take it

Arrow saw, arrows and mini fletcher are sold   

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I just got out of the hospital after a weeks stay and can't drive to deliver for another month but I will reduce the price pf any item by 20%

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