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Rag Horn

ISO youth 20 gauge

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I had to find one for my niece over the last couple weeks. Sportsman mesa had some and Walmarts have been carrying some as well. I got my daughter the savage from Walmart a few month ago and it's great.

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1226191002-1.thumb.jpg.d19f99f831c84b90ab5529278691ea2c.jpgI've got a pretty old mossberg 190 bolt action in 16 gauge and I think 6 or 7 boxes of shells that would make a good youth gun. I haven't shot it myself but it does seem to be all there and in good shape for age .the 16 is just slightly bigger than a 20 the barrel is ported and has a adjustable choke setup I'd let you check it out and if it works for your needs you could have it for the cost of the shells so I'm in it around 50 or 60 bucks here is a pic it's the only one I've got its the last gun on the right I can send u more pics if ur interested

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