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SOLD Dillon XL750 Like New Reloading Package

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Purchased March of 2020 and loaded maybe 3k rounds on this particular press. As you may know, no bs lifetime warranty. Located here in Scottsdale, Az. Since starting my business up I have very little spare time so I am letting this go as all or nothing. Perfect for someone wanting to get into Big Blue and start reloading 9mm right away.

Dillon XL750 Press

XL750 Upgrade Kit with roller handle and mount

Electric Case Feeder with small pistol and small rifle plates

Low Primer Alarm

Powder Check Alarm

Dillon 9mm Carbide Die Set

Press Cover

New, out the door would cost $1665, dies are on backorder.


EDIT: forgot to mention I have extra primer pickup tubes and a primer flip tray. Roughly $100 value from memory. 






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PM sent

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