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Been stuck at home all week after wisdom teeth surgery and was finally feeling better so decided to do a little calling and glassing. Had zero expectations due to the heat but I just needed to get out the house lol. Too my surprise I called in a lone female and smoked her with my 28 nosler. I was stoked my first summer coyote. Then went to a area I had never glassed before picked up a couple coues and then boom there it was glassed up a big cinnamon bear in saguaro cactus country. I have always been obsessed with bears due to how difficult they are to find and the county they live in. And my addiction got worse after killing a 21 2/8 inch skull bear in 2020. The bear u glassed up left sight before I could get video and I was so upset I couldn’t get him on video lol. So I had to go back the next day this time I went farther up the canyon where I thought he may be. Too my surprise i glassed up 3 different bears on the same hillside it looked to me like a smaller sow and two boars following her every move. I was so shocked to see 4 bears in two days when In the 18 years of my life I’ve only seen 3.  This time I got video and it has fueled my obsession even more. 


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