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WTS - Twin Swarovski STS Spotters ("Big Eyes")

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Looking to sell my Swaro Big Eyes / Twin Spotters. Have loved every second of owning them but need to fund a new project and want someone else to enjoy using them. Used them in Ol’ Mexico to verify size of bucks from a long way off. What I dig about them is that you don’t have to strain your eyes squinting into a single spotter for hours on end. I also like the fact that they are variable zoom, so you can find a buck and zoom from 25x to 50x in a second. If you’ve ever wanted to count ticks on a Coues deer from a mile out, these are for you!

Here's everything included in the sale:

  • 2x Swarovski STS-65 (Non-HD) Spotting Scopes
  • 2x Swarovski 25-50x Wide Angle Eyepiece
    • Both sets of spotting scopes & eyepieces were sent into Swaro for deep cleaning & checkup last year
  • Wells Manufacturing Spotting Scope Mount
  • Sirui TY-70A Quick Release Plate
  • Heavy Duty/Padded Storage Bag

Asking $4100 for the whole package, cash FTF. Not interested in splitting it up.

Happy to answer any questions you might have.














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5 hours ago, Low#country23 said:

How do these compare to the twin kowas.

They really don’t compare depending on you eyeballs. Kowa are great!! I can see good out of them but my eyes are special. I don’t own the twin swaro but I’ve looked thru them. For my money, I’d go swaro. Again,….. that’s just my fucked up eyes!

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