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I have a bunch of reloading stuff that I’m selling. Just don’t have the time for it right now. Here is the list with prices. Text for pictures.  Open to offers for single items, the whole lot, or groups of items. Located in east Tucson. 
six one eight four zero seven six three six zero

Hornady case trimmer with pilots-$50

RCBS powder trickler-$25

RCBS uniflow powder measure-$40

Lyman brass tumbler with media-$30

Lee 9mm die set-$25

Lee priming tool with shell holder set-$50

Lee single stage press-$35

RCBS 300 BO die set-$30

Lee 223 pacesetter die set-$30

Lee 308 die set-$30

223 55 grain Vmax 500 ea-$100

Everglades ammo 9mm 115 grain JHP bullets-500 ea-$50

Extreme bullets 9mm 115 grain FMJ-500 ea-$40

Frankford Arsenal depriming tool-$30

IMR 4895-2 full 1 lb jars-$40 each

IMR 4895-1 partial-50 rounds loaded out of it-$30

Varget-1 partial-100 rounds loaded out of it-$30

Benchmark-1 lb-$40

Small rifle primers-$80 per 1000




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