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Garmin Chronograph

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12 hours ago, Vowell said:

Whats up with all the chrono's going up for sell? Is everyone buying the garmin? I really have few issues with the old antique one I have. These new ones are like the cost of my left nut. What issues are you guys having?

I thought you paid 600 for the pair.  at 1200 you got robbed!!!


I hated my Chrony, putting something down range has its risks.  My buddy shot the aluminum rods on my last outing with it. 

 So I bought the Magnetospeed.   Shooting suppressed, I had to fit the bayonet a couple times to get the correct placement or it would miss shots. I had to shoot it for velocity then zero it since I didnt have the other attaching kits.   It also isnt good for archery. 

I had Cabelas points and figured, why not.  Im glad I did.  Shot it yesterday.  Setup was simple.  Connected it to my phone, start a new series, choose what speed range I was shooting, set it up near the front of my bench and start shooting.  Didn't miss a shot.  It transferred all the data to my phone.   Set it and Forget it!!! Its like the Shamwow, Flex Seal and Showtime Rotisserie all rolled into one.   "Set It And Forget It" Is A Term That Should Only Apply To Your Rotisserie Chicken…Not Your ...

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Are you saying i can borrow it? Lol CWT buddy system here. 

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