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Red Rabbit

Setting Up the Camera

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Does anyone know if this is legal to put out, Sweetlix Buck & Doe Mineral Block? It's contains salt & molasses. I hiked my camera out a couple weeks in the lower desert here and found the water hole I wanted to set it up on was dried up. So I placed it on a good looking game trail with a lot of sign. Thought i'd put a salt block out and came across the Buck and Doe block. They sell it at C-A-L Ranch

if it's not made for livestock industries it's a no go.... even thought it is or may be salt based.
if it said happy cow instead of buck and doe block then you'd be ok.
I see they are still flying off the shelves at the box stores... so people either don't know or don't care.
that is kinda like if it was ok to sell crack but not to use it....... :lol: :lol: :lol:
4. An individual shall not use edible or ingestible substances
to aid in taking big game. The use of edible
or ingestible substances to aid in taking big game is
unlawful when:
a. An individual places edible or ingestible substances
for the purpose of attracting or taking big
game, or
b. An individual knowingly takes big game with the
aid of edible or ingestible substances placed for
the purpose of attracting wildlife to a specific
5. Subsection (A)(4) does not limit Department employees
or Department agents in the performance of their
official duties.
6. For the purposes of subsection (A)(4), edible or
ingestible substances do not include any of the following:
a. Water.
b. Salt.
c. Salt-based materials produced and manufactured
for the livestock industry.

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I should clarify the way it reads it's only illegal if you hunt/harvest over said bait, but leo might interpret diff.



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I like to go through this topic every once in a while just to refresh my memory. Some good information is given. I haven't put out cameras in a couple years since I had 3 stolen over a 1 month period. None were within 200 yards of water but all were taken during shed hunting season. I am not going to put cameras out this year until middle of June then pick up before the archery deer opener.

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