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Need A Good Recipe For Deer Tacos

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do you want to do the whole thing? In other words do you want to fry the tortillas or do you want to buy pre-made shells and fill them?


For tacos that I make from game meat, I usually use ground meat, but cubed meat would work if it's soft enough. Is it already cooked? If not, I would crock pot the cubed meat in a little beef bouillon (maybe add some green chilis to it)overnight until really tender and then use that for taco meat.


I learned how to make homemade tacos from my buddy Scott and love them!


I use garlic and cumin to season my taco meat, but Scott uses just garlic salt, so it's up to you what you season it with. You can buy taco seasoning at the store and just use that as well.


I use the soft corn tortillas, put raw seasoned meat on one half and then put the tortilla in hot oil in a deep frying pan to crisp it up. Shortly after putting the flat tortilla with the meat in the hot oil, you want to use metal utensils to fold it in half like a regular taco shell.


Once it's done to your liking, take the tacos out of the oil and let them drain on paper towels. Fill tacos with whatever you want. I use shredded cheese, chopped tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce and chopped onions. Taco sauce is nice too.


Some pics:


You can see a tortilla with the meat spread on it in the right hand side of pic. You can season the meat on the taco or pre-season the whole batch.











Amanda those tacos sound really good, i think im gonna give the crock pot idea a try, thanks a lot

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Here is what I do.



Ground deer/elk

I can El Pato salsa

One onion



garlic powder


Add the meat to a saucepan. Add salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. In a seperate pan saute the onion. Let the meat cook throughly. Add the onion and can of El Pato to the meat and simmer until the liquid in the salsa reduces. Then put on a tortilla with your favorite fixins

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