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AZSFW Latest Tactic and ADA and AAF Positions

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This thread has lost it way. Not worth reading on Monday Morning. Please if anybody has anything new about AZFSW or there activities start a new post. Thanks

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we all lose the perspective of truth and honesty when dealing with some political issues.


we can thank AZSFW for this mess - which includes those who support and activily continue to pursue the idea of "MORE" tags for sale .


It's not about wildlife - It's not about conservation - It's not about hunting


It all boils down to MONEY


AZSFW wants an expo to make money - of which they want complete control.


That's the PAYDAY


the rest is all whitewash.


lots of other ways to raise money - so many times the option of a conservation stamp has been stated.



$5- stamp - 400,000 fishing/ hunting licenses - a cool 2 million - approx same money these tags would raise -


problem solved if it was truly about providing funds for wildlfie and the different programs.


The tags are the only way they get an expo!

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