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I do not think the 6 day vs 4 day Oct hunt length will have a significant impact on increasing Oct hunt applicants. Most of your avg Oct hunters are only hunting Fri - Sun anyway so the extra 2 days are not going to matter much to them. You will have a few die hards that will switch from Nov to Oct because they will have 2 more days to go after that big one they found during their preseason scouting. I would imagine success rates will go up a little because there will be some deer that are taken in those last 2 days that wouldn't have been taken before.


It would have been a different story if they would have increased it to 10 days. I for one would have switched my second choice from Nov to Oct.

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It is pretty easy to make a survey that will show what you want, when it is given to a random audience that has one unique quality, all the people polled are hunters.


1. Would you like to hunt every year. Yes or No

2. Would you give up part of your hunt so kids can hunt. Yes or No

3. Would you hunt javelina in the fall. Yes or No

4. Are oct. hunts bad. Yes or No

5. Would you like longer hunts. Yes or No


These questions don't give any alternatives, they are simple questions that most hunters would answer a certain way if you didn't know what the results of these findings would be. I am not saying this is what the azgfd did, but it is definately not what the ADA did, they gave several answers for each question, and they allowed for mule deer and whitetail hunters, archery and rifle hunters, plus allowed the azgfd to sample the same people that took the first survey.

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